Gateway of Descent #3 Venus/Inanna Removes Her Necklace March 2022 


Venus goes through Gateway #3 March 28, at approx. 11:00 AM Pacific time, so look either the morning before, that morning, or the morning after for your best viewing - TIME: early hours of the morning before sunrise in the EAST.

Venus will be near the Old (Balsamic Moon) which is rising just before the sun rises.


GATEWAY #3 at the 5th or THROAT Chakra 

 Speaking Your Deepest Truth

This new Venus Cycle began at the end of January 2022 when Venus rebirthed herself into the new archetype for this 585 day Venus Journey in CAPRICORN. 

Dear girlfriends, this is a potent and exciting time of the Renewal of the Feminine Divine principle as she manifests, renews, reclaims, and regenerates her old self into a new more evolved aspect of the divine feminine.

Every 19 months Venus Goes Retrograde and a New 19 month Venus Cycle Begins when Venus Rises Retrograde as our Morning Star.

Venus went retrograde on January 2, 2022. Her New Cycle, her first Gateway began when she went direct and joined with the Old Balsamic Moon at 11 Capricorn on Jan. 29th, 2022. 

The ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, and Babylonians used when she was VISIBLE in the morning sky, after the Underworld or Unseen part of her journey, as the beginning of her cycle. 

Her current cycle is with the overarching archetype of CAPRICORN as the expression of this, her current evolutionary process for the next 585 days. We refer to this 'overarching archetype' as the Metagoddess or Great Goddess of this 19-month cycle. She makes her DESCENT as Morning Star Venus.

As Capricorn, she initiates a new cycle of feminine maturity and grandmothering energy. This mature aspect of the Divine Feminine helps us to realign with values that will carry us and our next 7 generations! She comes as the wise woman crone (no matter what the woman's age) to bring a new vision of mature feminine values into our culture, our world.


The last time Venus was in a Capricorn 585 day cycle was in 2014 when a new wave of elder women began to set up grandmother councils around the world. We consciously become aware of the Divine Feminine Wise Woman within in order to get the most out of this cycle.

Venus reaffirmed one of the 5-star points during that late October of 2014. Venus joined with the Sun in Capricorn reaffirming our own passion and purpose in life and our love for all that is living. In Descent Morning Star Phases Venus/Inanna sheds her outer garments, a symbol of the release of old layers of the ego that no longer serve the ideals and demands of the current times. We are being asked to redefine Venus, Innana. Our Soul directs us into new experiences, a new territory of the Divine Feminine.

 "It has been said that the heavenly alignments determine human destiny. However, it seems the truth is greater and more mysterious than this. It is not our future or our personalities that the stars predict, it is the stars themselves reflecting the designs of the Soul."

Here are the VENUS MORNING STAR GATEWAY of DESCENT dates for 2022:

Gateway #1 Crown Chakra      January 29 at 11º Capricorn  She removes her Crown

Gateway #2 Brow Chakra        February 27 at 24 ° Capricorn She sets down her Royal Wand

Gateway #3 Throat Chakra      March 28 at 21 Aquarius  She removes her Necklace

Gateway #4 Heart Chakra        April 26 at 23 Pisces   She removes her Breastplate

Gateway #5 Solar Plexus         May 26 at 28° Aries  She removes her Ring of Power

Gateway #6 Sacral Chakra       June 26 at 3° Gemini She releases her Ankle Bracelet 

Gateway #7 Root Chakra         July 26 at 8° Cancer  She removes her Royal Robe

Gateway #8 Earth Star Chakra   Aug 25 at 17° Leo We are being given an opportunity to release personal blockages that cut us off from Earth energy. There is some difference of opinion on the 8th Gateway so we will talk about that when we get to this chakra. Women, we are all learning, or should I say 'relearning', this together and more is being revealed as we progress....stay open and flexible, let's not get stuck if one sister says it's this chakra or that chakra..stay open to knowing that you have more than 7 chakras...and how they connect us to both earth and heaven.

Venus enters the Underworld when she is no longer visible to us on September 14, 2022. She will rise once again to make her ASCENT as Evening Star at the first Gateway of Ascent on December 24th, 2022.


Moon  conjuncts Venus = a Gateway of Venus/Inanna

It is the Moon and Venus that are joined at every Gateway whether it be a Morning Star Venus or an Evening Star Venus.

Balsamic Moon is horns to the right and here she is with Venus at a gateway of Descent. The Moon is moving into DARKNESS. The Moon is waning and on her way to meet the Sun or Spirit of Light.

It is the particular PHASE OF THE MOON that gives Venus its mission and defines the kind of work she will do. This is important because the energy behind a Venus Morning Star Descent is the OLD WISE Balsamic Moon that sheds or RELEASES its final light in order to make Wisdom. This is the phase we are working with now.

Some of us get a little depressed during this dark phase which lasts 3 and 1/2 days. We want to be sure and take some relaxation time in the form of enjoyment, light play, or taking the day off. Prayer circles and healing groups are also valuable at this time and work naturally with the cosmic clock as the Moon wanes.

Part of the wisdom of this moon is to.....

"Compassion"       by Sharon Russell 

(click here to see how to order this image as a card or print)

go within, to rest, and to tell your story. It is a time to HEAL and FORGIVE. This includes forgiveness of ourselves for not being one is. Isn't THAT a relief?!

We release old patterns and outworn ego structures that keep us tied to the past. You are returning home to the Great Mother when the Moon is Balsamic or the last waning crescent.

Venus has at least 7 to 8 months of work at releasing and letting go of the 'old ways that no longer serve' before she will be entirely ready to rise again and be crowned as Queen of Heaven which will occur many months from now at the culmination of her Evening Star Phase.


Here she is at one of her Evening Star Ascent Gateways. She will join the Moon in this Waxing Crescent Phase 7 or 8 times before she is crowned Queen of Heaven!

At the first Venus Evening Star Gateway of Ascent on December 24th, 2022, Venus will meet with the maiden, Crescent Moon that grows in light and births a new spirit into the world


but the ancients had many names for her: Inanna, Ishtar, Aphrodite... 





Venus rules our relationships, all our relations, our intimate connections with those we love as she brings in the principle of balance, harmony, and sensuous connection to the earth, its plants, animals, and mineral kingdoms. She holds sway over our values, what we own, what we LOVE, and what we do NOT love as well. She can be artistic, refined, graceful or she may be seeking these elements in her life or her body.

Without her strong force of ATTRACTION, we would have no creation. These are things to think about, contemplate, and take into your body. Yes, you will eventually embody this teaching and know it to be true from your personal experience and your physical body. This is astrology working at its best - it enables you to become ONE with the cosmic divine.

You'll become a fine-tuning fork as you become more AWARE of these cosmic ebbs and flows. You will become more aware of directing your life into channels that are being supported by the universe. God is on our side here as the Goddess shapes and moves spirit into our lives.

"Sophia"         by Nicholas Roerich

Sophia is a wisdom-making aspect of the Great Goddess. 

This release of old ego patterns and wisdom making time is necessary before VENUS can be ready to accept the fire of spirit and a fully enriched new Capricorn Archetype for this particular Venus Cycle. We cannot pass over it.

The wisdom that you embody as you work and release with the Descent cycle of Venus becomes part of the new light of your physical existence. SOUL is the way for our eternal self to HOLD THE LIGHT of Venus lifetime after lifetime.

This lovely image is available as a card or art print. Click here to see more of her....and remember you can purchase just one card with FREE minimums with the Soul Sistars...we just want everyone to be surrounded by the feminine images that give them joy, remind them of their inner being, call to them with love...gentleness....forgiveness, and courage!


The MOON is the GATEWAY. The Moon is like your Soul. Venus is your embodiment. VENUS will pass through and unite with the Moon in order to bring about transformation and positive growth for your future. When we study at this depth we are learning the secrets of immortality....more food for thought girlfriends.....immortality is not JUST A BEAUTY CREME!


 Because BALSAMIC Moon and Venus Descent Phase is a time to release old attachments that were constructs of our egos, this is a precious time for the Goddess of Love and Relationship as she goes through the BALSAMIC MOON as the GATEWAY into a new consciousness. You may want to purchase Sharon's book, INNOCENCE TO WHOLENESS -  Journey of the Heroine, to assist you in releasing old blockages and help you to comprehend Shadow as not a menacing force, but an unconscious force within that WANTS TO BE RELEASED as it holds much energy for growth, happiness and success in the world. 


The seven chakras are the SEVEN GATES of INANNA, VENUS from ancient mythology. The Sumerians, Babylonians, and Assyrians stood watch and took part in their own ceremony as during these 7 months Venus as Morning Star went through each gateway. .... One gateway for each conjunction of Venus with the OLD MOON. Venus/Inanna stripped away a symbolic part of her vestments at each gateway.


Gateway number one for Venus was in January 2022. Venus/Inanna removed her CROWN which represents AUTHORITY. During this time she released old ways of taking authority or control through power or position. This corresponded to the crown chakra. This chakra aligns us to the heavenly realms, to the wisdom within, the colors are Violet and Gold is the metal. Removing this crown is like bowing down very LOWWWWW.... to an authority greater than oneself.

At Gateway number 2, Venus removed her ROYAL STAFF representing PERCEPTION. At this chakra at the brow or 3rd eye, we attempt to dissolve old perceptions, ways of seeing other people, places, and things. Cobalt blue or indigo is the color and Silver is the metal. As we continue to let go and purify our perception we work toward carrying a more CLEAR VISION out into the world.

Even though we move on now to the 3rd Gateway, we continue to purify the chakras of the previous months.


Now, at GATEWAY number 3, Venus is removing her necklace at the THROAT CHAKRA.  This is the Gateway of COMMUNICATION. We are being asked to look at our communications with all beings. How do we express ourselves? Are we good listeners? Do we convey our TRUTH? Are we having trouble in communications with certain people? Is it hard for us to say what we need? Do we lose our power by speaking falsely or without taking our feelings and needs into account? Can we listen without interrupting? Capricorn can become too serious, too dominant, too powerful wishing to hold on to 'the old ways.' 

"Queen of Sheba" necklace by Mary Portas.

VENUS/INANNA removes her necklace as a symbolic act of the desire and will to release old outworn communication patterns that keep us or others in pain, in suffering. We desire to move forward in our lives and this ritual removal of her necklace was POWERFUL for her as it will be for you!

Our ancestors worked ceremonially during these stages to release DISTORTIONS related to each of the chakras. For the period of the MORNING STAR VENUS, they were active in the wee hours of the morning to witness this beautiful sight and to move with Venus through the gateways of the Balsamic Moon. This was thought of as a descent into the Underworld because it involved a relinquishing of Venus/Inanna's heavenly domain. She must die at the end of these 7 passages (one passage each month) in order to be reborn and prepared to meet the Sun or source of life. 

This month's conjunction takes place in the sign of Aquarius (look above at Gateway date #3) this means we use our higher mind of discernment and our intuition in comprehending truth. We might not know every detail but we have an intuitive understanding of TRUTH.

You can use the naturally occurring strengths of Aquarius to share in your groups or with your friends. What old ways of speaking or listening do you want to release? What is keeping you from expressing your wisdom as Grandmother? Can you release blame and shame or criticism to share from your heart? This in itself is the wisdom a grandmother acquires when she is awake to her personal evolution and concern for our planet and all beings on it.

This could help smooth communications this month and give us a time for silent reflection in the heart to consider how and what we say, how and when we listen more deeply and intently to what the other is saying. Affirm the power of love in your words.

Love and truth are inseparable.

The fifth chakra, our 3rd gateway for the month of March 28 to April 25, 2022, enables us to release what is in the way of our natural expression of the creative and life-affirming aspects of ourselves. If we consciously work this process our magical universe will assist us in being in the 'flow' of our true soul expression.

As we make our descent with Venus/Inanna this month we become conscious of where and about what we are NOT speaking our truth with true words, perhaps our voice becomes too loud and our language coarse. It may not echo the Divine Feminine!!! Oh, yes, this can happen to all of us. I notice myself speaking louder and louder when I think I am not being heard or when I think my point of view is the 'right' one! 

Leila Haikonen Jewelry

This would be a good month to create a new necklace or pair of earrings....turquoise, lapis lazuli, blue topaz, are some of the stones that work well to restore and heal this chakra. Emerald could help calm down the chattiness so you can speak from calmness instead of fear or anxiety.

Touch your necklace when it is time to speak your truth or touch it when it is time but you are too afraid. Or hold a stone in your pocket, let your touchstones be a reminder that you have the right to speak your truth.

Perhaps will you will take it slow, you don't have to jump right in with your thoughts, give time to reflect on what and how you might want to say something that has been on your mind for a long time.

Morning Glory with its vitality and exuberance is a flower associated with the throat chakra. Morning Glory opens in the morning to meet and greet this all-new miraculous day.

Morning Glory reminds us that keeping secrets can close our throat chakra. See how it opens to the morning sun. Can you speak to your journal about your secret? To a trustworthy friend? Is your secret holding energy you would like to use to move ahead in your life?

Hand-colored by Linnea

The hummingbird is one of the animals associated with this chakra. A quick, direct, and fast-moving little creature can remind us of our speech. Have you ever seen a hummingbird up real close as it gazes into your eyes and 'listens' to you? We can understand the language of birds and spirit beings, of plants and stones if we are quiet and LISTEN with all our senses.

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless."

Mother Theresa

We can become liberated by owning up and facing up to our Truth. No longer telling ourselves lies, we become vulnerable and open, dropping our mask of social conditioning. Then we can awaken to our true human potential.

"Now I pray that each and every being's true nature be revealed, that we each see clearly our inherent truth and find liberation from the shackles of suffering and difficulty imposed by the limitations of our mind."    Chagdud Tulku

from INNOCENCE TO WHOLENESS by Sharon Russell 

Keeping in mind that shadow content can be revealed during the descent phase of Venus, Sharon Russell's book can be a great help in navigating the dark waters of this part of our journey. Sharon uses the images of the dragon to represent Shadow! 

As Venus/Inanna makes her descent we may find ourselves miscommunicating or finding it hard to say what is true for us. We notice this and remember that even our shadow could come up to try to deceive us into thinking certain things are true when they are not. As you RELEASE past hurts, manipulations, coercion, the fear of criticism or punishment, you can begin the process of releasing your voice, of clearing your consciousness so that you can make the sounds of truth. 

Singing, chanting, acting, toning, and HUMMING are all activities that vibrate and enlive your throat chakra. They promote self-expression and release tension.

Make all kinds of connections this month: teachers, friends, neighbors, those we respect, those we do not respect...practice speaking your truth with kindness. Make good boundaries and say "NO" when necessary as this could also relieve a blocked 5th chakra.

You might want to say "YES" however if you have been feeling too take your time. You can always call someone back and say "I changed my mind!" 

"Ceres"      by Sharon Russell

Reclaim your right and joy to think spirit-infused thoughts! If you are a grandmother then this particular 595-day cycle can assist you in some aspects of what it means to be a grandmother. If you are not a grandmother, whatever age you are, there is some way in which your inner wisdom will be shared with the world as you work with this cycle.

Capricorn is about mastery and aged wisdom. Everyone has mastered something. What have you mastered? Where has it taken you? Is there a deeper truth, more to be revealed about the usefulness of what you know or do? 

The old moon has HORNS TO THE RIGHT and can be seen before sunrise in the wee hours of the morning.


LOOK UP to the EAST before SUNRISE, to view the progress of Venus as she goes through her third Gateway of Descent (Horns to the Right is the OLD or BALSAMIC MOON that you will be looking at and Venus will be BRIGHT but not twinkling).

I suggest you start viewing a day or two earlier to watch the progress of Venus. The day after will also find Venus near the Moon. Sometimes Venus is as bright as a glistening gemstone just hanging there waiting to be admired with the Moon nearby. You will be looking at the Gateway of the Balsamic Moon with Venus, before the sun rises when it slowly disappears into the bright sunlight. You can start looking around 4 to 5 AM in the morning up until about 6 to 6:30 depending on where you live.

From 'Meditative Mind', some chakra balancing gonging: (MUSIC)

Open your throat chakra and sing or chant to the light of the Moon/Venus and let the light and love pour in! ENJOY!

I am loving you and thinking about how connected we all are! If someone or some group does an altar with this month's theme - will you send me the pictures? I would love to post them on my "WHAT WOMEN ARE SAYING" page.


Dixie Gladstone

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