Gateway of Descent #1 Venus/Inanna Removes Her Crown  


Gateway #1 is July 16, 2020 and affects last until Aug. 12, 2020



"We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust."   Rumi


The archetype of the renewal of the feminine spirit for this 585 day VENUS CYCLE is coming through the sign of GEMINI. We refer to her as the overarching Metagoddess for the development of this next wave of feminine evolution that began in June 2020.(Read more about that HERE.) 

We call her VENUS but the ancients had many names for her: Inanna, Ishtar, Aphrodite...





(you can learn more about ancient Venus by going to EMANATIONS OF THE DIVINE FEMININE IN VENUS ) 

In her position as MORNING STAR VENUS, Venus is in her descending phase of our beautiful and beloved VENUS principal. Venus rules art, feeling secure financially, and with our 'stuff', she is the pinnacle of BEAUTY in art, culture, poetry, music...all the muses dance to her song. Venus largely determines who we are attracted too, the connections with those we love. She brings in the principle of balance, harmony, sensuous connection to the earth, it's plants, animals, and mineral kingdoms. She is both an air (ruler of Libra) and earth (ruler of Taurus) sign.

Without her strong force of ATTRACTION, we would have no creation. These are things to think about, to contemplate, and to take into your body. Yes, you will eventually embody this teaching and know it to be true from your personal experience and your physical body. This is astrology working at its best - it enables you to become ONE with the cosmic divine through being aware of your personal experience of living and what and who it is bringing to us.


Venus is a goddess, an aspect of our human psyche and she evolves over time. The Divine Feminine principle evolves within YOU and within the collective aspect of Venus as embodied by our earth, Mother Gaia, and all the living beings upon her.

A Venus Gateway occurs when we can see Venus with the Crescent Moon or the Balsamic Moon. In the case of Venus as a morning star, we can see her during the time of the old moon or waning crescent phase. 

BALSAMIC MOON - Horns to the RIGHT indicate that the Moon is waning and on her way to meet the Sun or Spirit of Light. Always seen just before the sun comes up. AN ENCHANTING SIGHT! Her energy as the waning moon is so much different than a new Crescent Moon Phase....go outside in the wees hours of the morning and feel the softness and gentleness of this very feminine moon! You will love it, I promise! 

When Venus passes through the BALSAMIC OR AGED MOON, VENUS is said to be going through a GATEWAY. This occurrence represents a change, a passage for us as human beings. Each gateway of Venus begins and ends with a Balsamic Moon phase and this will occur for the next seven months. This phase of the next 7 to 8 months is referred to as the Descent of Venus Phase. 

Each month as Venus passes through a gateway she works hard for us in helping us to release old patterns according to whichever CHAKRA she is passing through and releasing for that month.

Venus Removes Her Crown at Gateway #1

As Venus makes her descent she begins with her Crown Chakra which corresponds to the removal of her CROWN. In the story of Inanna (Venus) and Ereshkigal, Venus removes an adornment or article of clothing at each gateway. She removes her Crown and begins consciously (or unconsciously if she doesn't know about this cycle) to release old ways of being in preparation for her transformation and embodiment of a new more developed Venus archetype.

From 2020 to 2022 the archetype that is being enlivened and matured is occurring in the sign of GEMINI. Read about the meaning of working with the Gemini archetype HERE.

You'll become a fine-tuning fork as you become more AWARE of these cosmic ebbs and flows. You can choose to direct your life into channels that are being supported by the universe. God is on our side here as the Goddess shapes and moves the growth of spirit into our lives.

The exact crown chakra gateway for the Descent of Venus is July 16 at 13 degrees of Gemini at 11:42 PM PDT. So for those of us on the West Coast of the U.S., we won't see her exact conjunction with the lovely Balsamic Moon, but we can still look up in the morning sky and she will be nearby. Look to the EAST before the sun rises! Venus is the bright star close to the moon.

TIP for nighttime or early morning viewing of any star or plant: The way to tell a star from a planet is easy: "TWINKLE, TWINKLE, LITTLE STAR"...stars twinkle, planets shine (they do NOT twinkle!). So Venus is up there bright and beautiful, and notice she is a steady shining bright light.

You can see this Moon conjunct Venus just before sunrise. Even if you live where it is not in exact alignment with the Moon, by observing each month it can be exciting to watch how close she can get to the moon. Sometimes I start watching the day before and continue a day or two after so I can see how Venus and the Moon move in relation to each other. These are sacred moments to me....esp at Balsamic Moon time which is the most YIN or feminine phase of our moon.


Some of us get a little depressed during this dark phase of the Moon, so remember that as we are moving into our Balsamic time, we want to be sure and take some relaxation time in the form of enjoyment, play, or taking the day off. Prayer circles and healing groups are also valuable at this time and work naturally with the cosmic clock as the Moon wanes.

"COMPASSION"    by Sharon Russell

You can get this as a card or art print Here.

 "Sophia" by Roerick

The wisdom of Sophia is born of our Soul's experience at Balsamic Moon time.

The Balsamic Moon works WITH VENUS as she makes her descent into the Underworld by aiding her in releasing old patterns from the past. What is no longer useful is allowed to be released so that a NEW FORM of expression can grow in the next cycle!


We are in the first of THE SEVEN GATES (as the Sumerians called it)

The MOON is the GATEWAY. It represents your divine immortal SOUL. VENUS will pass through and unite with it in order to bring about transformation and positive growth in your future. When we study at this depth we are learning the secrets of immortality....more food for thought girlfriends.....immortality is not JUST A BEAUTY CREME!

How to release old attachments constructed by our EGOS with the

Gemini Archetype at the Crown Chakra

Before NEW CONSCIOUSNESS can fully emerge VENUS humbles herself by removing her Crown, symbol of AUTHORITY, STATUS, and POWER.

This is the First of the SEVEN GATES of INANNA, VENUS from ancient mythology. The Babylonians and Assyrians stood watch as during these 7 months Venus as Morning Star went through each gateway. .... One gateway for each conjunction of Venus with the OLD MOON. Venus/Inanna stripped away a symbolic part of her vestments at each gateway. Old attachments are constructed by our egos but they are not meant to last forever. In order to grow, from time to time we must let go of old thought and behavior patterns.

If you have a journal, now's the time to bring it out so that you can work this month on the removal of your Venus Crown. Here are some questions that you might like to work with:

What old ways of taking authority or control of a situation have not been working? What is out of my control? 

♣ What do I have power over, do I want to continue with that mode of behavior or would I like to change it?

I thought I was being wise when I ____________________________, but was that true wisdom?

♣ What is my TRUTH about ...........?

Do I try to have power over others without hearing their voice first?

♣ Do I give up my power by not speaking up for myself?

What expectations have I had for myself that I realize I cannot fulfill?

“If you do not see light at the end of the tunnel, consider it an opportunity to create an opening yourself, wherever you want.”
                                      Ashok Kallarakkal

Now, consider REWRITING SOME OF THE STORY of YOUR LIFE and the journey that is now ahead of you. Bring in your "imagination", more light, let in some AIR and consider how you can spend the time ahead choosing what makes you feel happy and gives you more choices.

Our crown chakra connects and aligns us to heaven. By removing our crown, we acknowledge our need for more growth to let in the light of our being, our higher self. Removing our crown is like bowing down very LOWWWWW.... to an authority greater than oneself.

Iris, as Cupbearer to the Goddess

Iris, the Goddess of the Rainbow, connects us to heaven. If you would like to work with her along your Venus Gemini Journey, she is the twin sister of Mercury, ruler of Gemini. She is a messenger Goddess of not only the light but of lightening up! you would feel when you see a rainbow.

IRIS brings the promise of new HOPE. Her rainbow helps you to imagine other choices, lighter, freer ways to live. You become the rainbow storyteller of your life and of a new life for our world. Iris can help you receive a vision of what this new culture could be! 

We are in an initiation all together as one world now and this Venus initiation time can help us to surrender the old story we have been told.

As we do our shadow work we can reckon with what is not working. We will become open to a new vision, a new way of creating culture. Gemini likes cultural pursuits that include others and appreciates their talents. As a growing feminine Gemini archetype, we can imagine a New World Culture together.


The Butterfly is often associate with the crown chakra.... and indeed, I dreamt of a trapped butterfly fluttering helplessly around trying to break through the ceiling in my room...a few days later I went to a healer who helped me to reopen my CROWN CHAKRA! It worked! The light came through and my dreams were no longer trapping me! Butterfly represents our transmutation into higher consciousness.

I often think of Butterfly as the spirit of Gemini, so happy and free, flitting from one flower to the next, seeking the nectar of variety and making connections.

The crown chakra is the place of pure consciousness. It's the place of the soft spot on a baby's head. When open, we feel light and free. We are at one with the infinite universe.

Very, very old, possibly about 30,000 years ago, someone imagined this Venus woman and carved her image for us to discover. 

When you are in sync with the crown chakra you are a bridge from Heaven to Earth. You act as a channel for living light!
This chakra opening can help you to cultivate clarity and discrimination. This is a powerful center and one that requires you to remain pure and refreshed with the highest of intentions and focus.
It is a spacious field of energy so it is important to keep grounded in your body in order to be a true channel for:
Amethyst is a 7th Chakra stone.
The VIOLET LIGHT is the color of this high energy chakra and is developed during times of meditation and prayer.
Ancient Sumerian Gold Crown from the time of Inanna, Ishtar, Venus
GOLD is the metal that rules this chakra. Gold is the alchemical metal of immortality reminding us that we are eternal spiritual beings living an earthly life.
Meditate and pray.
Ask to be shown how your personal power affects others, is it dominating or controlling or does it bring the gifts of guidance and the opening up of new possibilities for others. Do I lead with my ego or with my heart? How important are status, wealth, being the leader on one on the top of the mountain? 
As you travel with Venus as she makes her DESCENT, You can use this article as a springboard for a greater understanding of what you need to release in order to feel worthy of putting back on your crown when Venus makes her ascension in 2021. There is no hurry. Just having an INTENT to release old ways related to the blockage of this chakra can be enough.
Your heart is brave and your life is worth every opportunity to feel lighter and freer. I'll see you again for next month's Venus Gateway. Don't worry if you don't start on the exact date, just join in wherever you are.  I do recommend that you read my last Venus article to get a fuller understanding of the Cycles of Venus, called Venus Cycle of Renewal Begins.....this article gives the dates for each Venus Descent Gateway from now until Feb. 2021.
Dixie Gladstone