Fiery Saturn and Your Karmic Imprints 



If you have Saturn in Aries  , Leo  , or  Sagittarius   you have a fiery Saturn. You also have a fiery Saturn if you have Saturn in your 1st, 5th, or 9th house.


If you have come into this life with a fiery Saturn you are trying to find meaning and purpose in life and living.  You are developing a sense of inner purpose. You might look egotistical to those on the outside but you are really just in search of your own essential belief and experience that life has meaning and that we deserve to know and express this meaning.

Something beyond relating to others (air), feeling emotions (water) and the need for food and sustenance (earth) is at the root of this fiery element in Saturn. In fact, to some fiery Saturns the needs of the body are secondary or possibly not even recognized.

Frustrations and blockages that are spiritual in nature can create energy drains, an inability to relax, or an aggressiveness whose source is a will that wishes to express itself but cannot find her inner light.

The kind of frustration Saturn can bring to one's spirit can be more subtle than the physical (earth),emotional (watery), or communicative (air) Saturn. Your frustration is more philosophical in nature.


If you have Saturn in a fiery sign or house, you will be challenged through your efforts and the development of your intuition to understand your true nature, your spirit, your light within! You want to contact your larger self.

You are aware of your conscious personality but it is not so easy for you to comprehend your shadow or unconscious personality. You may experience a sense of despair and feelings of insignificance with a fiery Saturn.

There can be a spiritual blockage, a sense that "My life has no purpose."  

With Aries or the first house Saturn, comes a need to develop the will and activity that brings purpose. With Leo or the fifth house, comes a need to develop creativity or love that is purposeful, and with Sagittarius, comes with a journey to seek out intuitive understanding of the purpose of one's life by gaining intuitive perception and wisdom.

Saturn, the one with the noticeable rings, represents a turning point in your evolutionary process. One whole life time equals a Saturnian shift in the way we function and think according to the sign and house placement at our birth. It is Saturn who must attain mastery.

With Saturn in a Fire sign, like fire, it is constantly flickering and moving. Always on the move trying to prove that what it is going for is really real. You are looking for the true "I" and it's purpose in doing.


The first house or Aries is associated with the personality, the physical body and how it relates to the environment outside the self. There is a conscious and deliberate presentation when you manifest your first house (also called the ascendant or rising sign) or Aries tone. This house and sign is in a process of becoming. 

It is important with any 'role' we are playing out in astrology that we do not 'identify' or be taken over by what the sign represents. And in the case of Saturn in Aries or the first house, if you ignore the outer world by withdrawing into yourself, your personal world, your own darkness, you will be at the mercy of your environment! 

There is fear associated with trying to become oneself with this Saturn placement. You could be more vulnerable to your moods because of your difficulty to express yourself to the outer world. The mask of Aries, first house, can be hard to tear away as you seek to gain balance between your inner self and the outer world.

Do you ever feel that you lack positive self assertion? Or try to control your immediate environment or enforce your will to gain a sense of control? There can be defensiveness, even a tendency to attack first because of the fear of being attacked. You could manipulate situations without seeming to be aggressive.

There is an element of fear before any Saturn conquest - we are like children at their first day of school - we are NOT mature in this area of our life but we are TRYING! Trying counts with Saturn.

The cowardly lion is a good example of Saturn in Aries.

There could be the fear to expose yourself or your talents and what you believe into the outer world.

Saturn here is low in self-confidence and high in suspicion. If this is your Saturn you will want to look at barriers that isolate you from the impact and stresses of life. 

Your blockage lies between how you are cutting yourself off from the outer world AND cutting yourself off from the inner life that provides a flow, a natural mainstream of purpose and meaning. It's this inner mainstream that would provide you with the courage you need to meet and attend to the outer world.

What is it you really want most? Usually, this Saturn wants the feeling of freedom and the courage and energy to explore and be first, meeting unknown challenges and reveling in ones own existence. 

With effort and usually some struggle you can achieve this kind of freedom. You could be fearful of being hurt or crushed by the outside world! You'll first have to come to terms with this fear. Begin by asking for what you want. Start small, work up to the big stuff. You can be disciplined and use your will as a tool to direct your life into useful channels that feel meaningful to you.

There is another way this Saturn manifests: with a more aggressive reaction by becoming outgoing, prepared to take charge, or seize control of others. This is a mask for not knowing who you really are inside.

Self-knowledge and self-mastery are the goals of Saturn in firey Aries or the first house. In this way, you can use your disciplined will to overcome feelings of powerlessness. You can become aware of the purpose of your own life. Contact your inner person, the spirit, the spark of your individuality. You can go on a journey to discover your identity and then, integrate your true identity into the world.

Saturn in Leo and the Fifth House

"Leo" or  "Lady of the Sun" by Sharon Russell

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Saturn is not at all at home in Leo, or in the 5th house as the nature of Leo and the 5th house craves more joy and lightness of being. We usually think of the fifth house as love affairs, romance, children, creativity and self expression, the expression of love, of pleasures and pastimes.

(MUSIC) from Hildegard von Bingen "Angels"

Hildegard had her Saturn in her 5th house, a fire house.

This house and sign are ruled by the Sun which is a symbol of the conscious ego and life's purpose. The Sun person wants to be herself, unique, vitally alive, she wants to express her own essence without compromise.

Individual identify and creativity is the goal and the very element that is most thwarted by this fiery Saturn sign and house.

You may feel a block of your creative flow or the feeling of a blockage of your self as part of that creation. Perhaps you feel inadequate, pouring out your energy but with nothing coming back or no one to perceive it. You have yet to learn that it has nothing to do with your audience and how big it is. This applies to both your creativity and your romantic love expression. 

You may have had a minimum of recognition from anyone else. Were you a child who felt ignored or treated as simply an extension of your parents with no identify of your own? Do you feel insignificant no matter how many gifts you possess? You may be finding it hard to get in touch with your own inner significance.

Some fiery Saturns experience a reluctance to have children. The fear that children may bring burdens, pain, and responsibility seems too great for them to handle.

Since, as yet, you do not love yourself or know your own value, you are afraid that no one else will find you lovable either.

You want this...

but you feel this.

Stiffness, lack of spontaneity, or an inability to relax are the outer symptoms of your feelings of inferiority. You may even alienate those who can help you. There is heartbreak when Saturn is in Leo or the 5th house.

You could develop a reputation for being cold or heartless without even knowing it. But this is not true about you; because on the inside you are all LOVE.

Inside you are the small innocent child, the child who just wants to live and experience it all! But until you master this fiery Saturn, you protect your vulnerability with barriers that keep you away from knowing your own importance.

Doesn't this just break your heart,  to hear this? Saturn can be so cruel.

Sometimes there is selfishness which cloaks a desperate need to feel important and admired. You have many gifts and talents to express. Do not allow fear to stop you from becoming the truly creative and vitally alive person you are inside! Look to those who you have admired, undoubtedly they contain some of the same gifts you have not yet unveiled. You have the qualities of a leader.

Your cravings to be noticed is a craving to validate the spirit within you! As you master this Saturn you will no longer be dependent on who recognizes you, you will recognize your self, and the joy and vitality that results from that will release you and the vitality within you! Your personality will be infused with more TRUST. It will not be the creative expression itself which is the fulfillment, but the Self within!


"Lightbearer"   Sagittarius by Sharon Russell

Sagittarius is the sign of long journeys or journeys taken by the mind to increase consciousness. Jupiter rules this house. Jupiter wants to discover the meaning that emerges as we bring a larger consciousness into our awareness.

In the 9th house we experience journeys of the mind and journeys of the body. The ninth house is the house of law. There are laws that rule life, either man made laws or universal spiritual laws. We might even say that it is the spiritual laws that are the reason for life. We are now in the realm of philosophy as we attempt to discover the 'will of God' through religion or the moral structures that guide us. 

This is a subtle realm of broader truths, a wider vision, the vision quest, even the instinctual patterns in nature. Astrology could be said to be in this house or sign. We must use our intuition, which is a higher faculty of our mind to discern the deeper meanings and relationships found in nature. Your consciousness must EXPAND if you have this Saturn and this exercises your intuition. 

In this house and sign lie the birthplace of thought as it relates to the expression of a meaningful life. The Sagittarian Journey is 'the path' of initiation, of higher consciousness. It attempts to bring two worlds together, the world of psychology and the world of the esoteric or hidden mystery.


Saturn in Sagittarius or the 9th house will often experience disillusionment, pain, searching, and even an overcompensation to 'believe' in a spiritual framework that will safely carry them through life.

If your Saturn is here you may desire a direct experience of God because anything superficial will not be accepted. You may be looking for a "peak experience" that allows your perception to grow to encompass the spiritual world. It may be a direct intuitive perception found through meditation or yoga. With Saturn here your fear is an inner rebellion that aims towards a more abstract, intuitive perception. 

If as a child you were raised in a rigid and dogmatic environment of beliefs, this may have led you to a rebellion of disillusionment and disappointment. And yet, you have a sense of justice and for the plight of humanity.

"There can be a loss of FAITH."

And this loss is deeply felt and can disguises itself as an:


Sagittarius is a forward thinking sign and with Saturn here you may have fears about the future, both personally and for mankind as a whole. Authority figures in your past could have been the source of your disillusionment. You may be thrown into narrow minded focus and trap yourself in someone else's thoughts or beliefs because they give you a sense of meaning and safety in life. It will be a test of your own reality whether these beliefs are truths or not.

Saturn is associated with religious beliefs of many kinds. 

"You must decide for yourself..."

...either through a direct experience of a spiritual nature or through the acquisition of knowledge. You have a profound and penetrating mind. You will not tolerate authority because you must find out for yourself!

It can be a long and winding road for Saturn in Sagittarius or the 9th house, but it will be worth the journey!

Somewhere along your journey you begin to see that all ideals and concepts are relative to a given situation in life. After you have relinquished your dreams and given up the struggle with authority (in the form of religious, political, spiritual, or human laws and injustice) lies the hidden freedom you are seeking and what Sagittarius most wishes to express: 


You can find some amazing answers to broad and vital questions about life as you explore the world around and within you. Your authority becomes more personal as you grow and mature. Your savior is within.

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