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Here are the last three Emantions of Venus:

Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces....






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Find the ?VENUS glyph  in your chart. If the symbol  is next to it, then your Venus is in CAPRICORn. It will look like this:

 5° 49′  There will be some numbers with degree °   -    minute ′ symbols next to the numbers. These numbers I've used won't be yours, they are just an example. You won't have to worry about them now because as beginners the most important thing to learn is what SIGN your VENUS is in. Later on, you'll learn why the degrees are important.


If your VENUS is in CAPRICORN you are loyal to the point of making yourself vulnerable to hurt. You will not appear as sensitive in love as you truly are. Rejection can be a feeling you will have to work on in order to feel balanced. You have a sense of duty and responsibility in love that could mix itself up with love itself. Is this truly love I am feeling or am I just feeling obligated to this person?

You want to achieve material status and wealth in order to achieve emotional security. You are probably proud and reserved in public not liking big emotional displays in front of others. In private you may be very sensual but you could repress the sexual side of yourself or your emotions until you feel that the desire of your affections can be trusted.


          You may carry a subtle sense of aloneness that is attractive to men. Perhaps you will seek an older, or more mature partner. Or if you marry later in life or find your beloved as you age, then you may marry someone younger whom you can help to  stabilize. Or perhaps you look for someone younger whom you can provide security for. Often the need to be responsible gets mixed up with true love and affection.


Capricorn and the structures it builds unite people under one culture.

          In the arts or in your work you have a strong sense of structure, form, and composition. You might like the more traditional forms in art or a home. Your business and managerial skills could come out in the arts or fields related to art. Visiting a museum or fine antiques store or structurally sound older home would bring out your sense of appreciation of that which is well constructed. You have an an artistic eye and also appreciate when something has been built soundly, safely and to last.

Capricorn Venus's tend to be modest and reliable. 

If you feel a sense that you are becoming emotionally cold or if your aloofness keeps you from entering into serious intimate relationships than you may be too focused on money, property,or material possessions for the security they bring or because they can keep you away from the emotions and vulnerability that you fear. Take your time getting to know the other in matters of the heart, you probably have better intuition and choosing skills than you know but your fear and sensitivity to being hurt or in a vulnerable position make closeness hard for you at times.

          You may love to take your time with precision and detail in your work or artistic pursuits. You have a sense of placement, of fine craftwomanship and what it takes to produce a product of excellence. You are willing to take the time to produce a fine wine, perfume, crafted item, home, whatever it is you are making.



Scarlett Johannson has her Venus in Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn is sexy and is known for her stamina.

Women born with Venus in Capricorn tend to have compact earthy bodies. They can be any size but usually have very full and complete figures.

"A penny saved is a penny earned."

                        Benjamin Franklin

They can be sarcastic and funny. They may also be penny-pinchers. This is due to their ruling planet SATURN which can be conscious of where every penny goes. It follows that they are usually modest even though they love to look pulled together and wear clothing that 'looks' expensive. 

Your Venus in Capricorn is quite likely to marry either very early....

or very late in life. You will be loyal once committed to your life partner.

Others respect you. You instill a sense of trust in others by being 'there' and by being an authority. You, however, may by untrusting until the other has shown they are worthy of your high standards. You might even appear to be mean to others at times. This can happen if you think someone is wasting your time.

Underneath it all you are very sensitive and tend to be attracted to others who are sensitive. You love it when you can truly relax around someone and be real with them. You could have friends that have quite a different age difference from you. Speaking of aging, you get more comfortable with yourself and others and you may age very gracefully becoming more youthful and light-hearted with age. NICE going!



"Community"                    by Sharon Russell


Find the ?VENUS glyph  in your chart. If the symbol  is next to it, then your Venus is in Aquarius. It will look like this:

 5° 49′  There will be some numbers with degree °   -    minute ′ symbols next to the numbers. These numbers I've used won't be yours, they are just an example. You won't have to worry about them now because as beginners the most important thing to learn is what SIGN your VENUS is in. Later on, you'll learn why the degrees are important.

This image of Sharon's shows a group of like-minded women. Together they create something that is larger than any of them could carry as an individual. Venus in Aquarius can enjoy their women's circles and esp if that group has a humanitarian purpose.


Venus in Aquarius can go in two directions when it comes to fashion. One is very Conservative, the other is the wild and original.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has her Venus in Aquarius.

Venus in Aquarius is an air sign.

She is clever, smart and intuitive.

If your VENUS is in AQUARIUS YOU MIGHT BE LOVING AT A DISTANCE or have an impersonal outlook and keep your distance in matters of the heart. You are emotionally friendly and probably popular and well liked. You might have many friends or acquaintances or possibly a special friend. You have an unusual quality in your mannerism which is sparkly!

You could depart from the rules laid down by society by having different attitudes and morals. Your interpretation may include broader standards and principles. You allow for others beyond the stereotypes.

You want someone different so you can overthrow the norms of what you've grown up with. You are progressive and innovative in love and probably not shy to show how you feel.

Venus in Aquarius is flirtatous! If this is your love sign and you don't feel you are, flirtatous that is, then you might give it a try! 

Romantic attractions may come along that are sudden, even casual but not necessarily lasting. You find intellectual stimulation importance in romance and marriage. You are attracted to ingenious or eccentric unusual types. You are looking for a friend as well as a lover.

Boring routines could stagnate your love and you want to have your social freedom or need it.

 "You'll need to be more flexible emotionally to be happy and free in love."

You are particularly intuitive of the emotional states of others.  Your emotional attitudes can become stubborn because of the fixed nature of this air sign in love. When you refuse to see another's point of view you are really only allowing for your own personal freedom and choices and not letting in the viewpoints of the other. You want and can sustain loyalty to someone but you must truly love and respect them.

You will have to work at getting in touch with your feelings. You could cut yourself off from those you love by your stuck attitudes and your own cutting out of your feelings. You should take more time in deciding on important relationships so that you do not end the ones you truly love.

Sometimes Aquarius Venus can have eccentric or promiscuous habits due to the nature of Uranus which is unpredictable. But your Saturn (a co-ruler with Uranus of Aquarius) will feel the tension this creates in your personal life and your sense of self integrity.

 If you feel a sense that you are becoming emotionally cold or if your aloofness keeps you from entering into serious intimate relationships then you may be too focused on your own attitudes and the need for too much personal freedom. Freedom at any cost is not free and can make closeness hard for you at times.

You are charming and can be fun to be with when you let your inner child out! Within you is a great deal of youthfulness. If you are not expressing it, you will be unhappy in love. You must be BRAVE to be a child again, but it will be worth it!


Find the ?VENUS glyph  in your chart. If the symbol   is next to it, then your Venus is in Pisces. It will look like this:

 5° 49′  There will be some numbers with degree °   -    minute ′ symbols next to the numbers. These numbers I've used won't be yours, they are just an example. You won't have to worry about them now because as beginners the most important thing to learn is what SIGN your VENUS is in. Later on, you'll learn why the degrees are important.

by Sharon Russel (go to LETS SHOP to get this as a card or poster)


If your VENUS is in PISCES you love to love and be loved! When you meet that special one, take a moment, actually, take AT LEAST A YEAR TO GET TO KNOW HIM (or her) so that your Pisces rose-tinted glasses do not make something of him/her that he is not. You want to mate with a God or Goddess but he or she is really a human being. 

Venus in Pisces make sacrifices for their beloveds. Make sure the ones you choose are worthy of that love. You will also love ohey, gooey feelings and sentimental times and memories. Keep roses around you in their real form or on your wallpaper. Romance is VITAL to your relationships – you need to be with sensitive others who can appreciate your deep and tender caring. You probably have a good voice, pleasing and soothing. You like drama, the theater and would do well at acting.

You are a rare and wonderfully kind and caring person with charm and poise. Your compassionate nature may find you volunteering to help others. You are willing to get in there and do the work that helps those who have less.

The Venus Pisces woman sees into the soul of a person, even if it's deep down. She knows there's good in everyone, and this leads her into shadowy territory at times. The good might be very deep down, and her desire to save can make her a victim of troubled or abusive characters. She is champion to the underdog, and leaves no one behind. She'll want to empower her desire to save, with strong boundaries, and respect for her own creative dreams.

Michell Obama has her Venus in Pisces. She is top row, middle with the big charming smile.

A Venus in Pisces woman will find that working on behalf of the Feminine makes them feel connected to the Divine.

She longs to merge, in love. And share a sense of the greater mystery, through art, caring acts, as a healer, or embodying soulfulness. Her openness to experiencing this merging makes her vulnerable to loosing herself or feeling that she does not know where she begins and the other person ends.  She might open her heart easily, only to close it, sensing danger, or the need to move on in a never ending search for an ideal.

Venus in Pisces is a sensitive water sign.

You'lll want to be alert to leaks of energy, that drain you of life force. A healthy choice is a love that allows you to be tidal, to be out to sea or on the shore. You thrive with plenty of solitude, so you can rediscover your own edges, and find expression for what you perceive. You love a lover who is romantic and kind. You want to be with those who you can safely bare your soul.

"Blue Lagoon"                       by Sharon Russell

When in relationship with someone you can trust you will reveal new layers of herself. You seem to hold the universe in your imagination and quest for ethereal beauty. Mermaids have a kinship with the Venus in Pisces women because they embody the ethereal qualities of love and beauty.

If you want to impress some with their Venus in Pisces, show compassion and don't be crude. Enchant them with colorful tales that confirm there's beauty, love, and kindness all around. 

Your Venus in Pisces is a dreamer!

Your tastes in music and art cover the whole of human experience. You might be partial, though, to movies or songs with themes of redemption, and longings of the soul.

You might be looking for signs, and be tuned in to serendipity. Your watery Venus picks up subtle currents, and will be tuning in to the deeper soul connection. 

You are mysterious and changeable. You are vulnerable to losing yourself in love. You have ultrafeminine qualities that make others want to rescue you. ....or perhaps you be trying to save the other person? You must save herself first. In saving others you can loose energy unless there is a reciprical sharing.

Sometimes you are the picture of happiness only to suddenly and unexpectantly plunge into the depths of sorrow. You do not want to have others tell you to pull herself together because your emotions and creative imaginings are the true you. You'll want a true Soul Mate that appreciates and joins you in your sanctuary of imagination and shared intimacy.

As you learn to weed out those who would take advantage of you in love, your Venus in Pisces attains a strong spiritual connection and your character becomes stronger and more stable. Love is a mystical experience for you. You see through rose-colored glasses. This can be hard on the one you love if you are always expecting them to be DIVINE.

For you, love can be a mystical experience with the right person. You're impressionable, so it's important to learn to weed out those that would take advantage of your sensitive and yielding nature. You tend to fall in love at first sight, and you might not see the red flags passing in front of your face. Even if someone treats you badly, you're liable to hold onto the connection, choosing to see through rose-colored glasses.


You see deeply into other people's souls. This is how you choose your loved ones

You seek peace with a beloved other. Pisces Venus may be in love with love itself. Love can be a mystical experience with the right person.


This concludes our 12 Emanations of the Divine Feminine in VENUS. If you don't see your Venus on this page, look to Venus #1, 2, or 3 (go to the top left of the page and scroll down, you'll see them there.

from Feminine Astrology