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Here are the next 3 Emanations of the Divine Feminine in VENUS:

Most of you will remember your VENUS SYMBOL by now or write it down in your journal so you can recognize it without much thinking....this is the beginning of how we develop our intution in astrology. We see the symbol and immediately we know its essence: (have you written you Venus symbol down? The circle stands for Spirit/Wholeness/The ONE or totality of all being..... and the cross underneath is a symbol for Mother Earth. Venus is the vital essence of all manifest creation.



Find the ?VENUS glyph  in your chart. If the symbol  is next to it, then your Venus is in LIBRA. It will look like this:

 5° 49′  There will be some numbers with degree °   -    minute ′ symbols next to the numbers. These numbers I've used won't be yours, they are just an example. You won't have to worry about them now because as beginners the most important thing to learn is what SIGN your VENUS is in. Later on, you'll learn why the degrees are important. 

If your VENUS is in LIBRA you have an eye for aesthetic beauty. In fact, this is a wonderful placement for a woman’s Venus since it gives you ability in the fine arts which includes dancing and art appreciation. Venus in Libra elevates love, beauty, and harmony to a fine and pleasing aesthetic. Your social relationships are very important to you.

Since Venus represents beauty, she bestows you with her qualities of beauty, charm, sex appeal and refinement. You should have more than one opportunity for marriage.

You innately understand the feelings of others because you are ‘in tune’. You want close personal relationships that bring you a bond of lasting friendship. You have a desire to please others so you will be well liked. Sensuality for its own sake is not what you are looking for, you also require the intellectual stimulation and close companionship of relationship.

   Georgia O'Keeffe had her Venus in LIBRA.

 In her composition, it is not unusual to find her painting TWO flowers. In this way, she found balance in her art. Her relationship to her art was intimate, beautiful and filled with feminine charm and allure.

 She remained beautiful and charming into her elder years. "Grace" is a lovely word for your Venus if it is in LIBRA.

Notice the Balance GOK achieves in this painting. Venus in Libra longs to achieve a sense of balance and justice in her relationships whether it be with a partner or her work.

You like your surroundings to be beautiful. Your aesthetic perceptions are highly developed. You want to listen to classical music. You may have an aptitude in music or someone close to you does. You appreciate art. And although you are not as money conscious as Taurus who is also ruled by the planet, Venus, you will probably want to hook up with people who are more mature and have acquired wealth. This is due in part to your being drawn to the finer things in life. You can make money partly by your pleasing manners and naturalness in dealing with the public.

You are an AIR sign. Harmonious communications are vital to your sense of connection with a significant other.

You are a woman who does not like discord or disagreement. It makes you feel nervous and upset. This is due to the highly refined sense of balance you have in relating to others. If you have hurt their feelings you will make it up. You may try to avoid conflicts or situations that feel conflicting. Eventually however if the persons involved are part of your close circle your caring and understanding that relationship is give and take will help you to garner your resources to stay awake to the needs of others as they have with you. Otherwise, there can be superficiality to this Venus in Libra position.

You want to be cared for deeply but you must also be willing to enter the stream of life with others. Otherwise, you appear to lack integrity. By joining into life beyond the physical dimension of love and beauty you enter into the deeper truths that relationship offers you.



Find the ?VENUS glyph  in your chart. If the symbol  is next to it, then your Venus is in SCORPIO. It will look like this:

 5° 49′  There will be some numbers with degree °   -    minute ′ symbols next to the numbers. These numbers I've used won't be yours, they are just an example. You won't have to worry about them now because as beginners the most important thing to learn is what SIGN your VENUS is in. Later on, you'll learn why the degrees are important.

You love deeply and intensely. Your emotions and desires are passionate. When you are in love, you and your lover will ride that dragon!

You are not luke warm about anything especially when it comes to love. He will either be the object of your passion or not. Take your time in choosing your partner so that your love trust is not betrayed. Otherwise, you could become jealous and it would not be pretty! You could be a woman who sacrifices everything for love. That is another good reason why you should take your time in choosing the right partner.

Do you recognize this couple?

Hillary Clinton has her Venus in Scorpio! She is a determined and competent woman. Someone asked me recently "Can Hillary Clinton become President?" "You bet your booties she can!" I usually never make political remarks but in this case we are talking about a Venus in Scorpio woman. Read on....

Your emotional intensity gives you a strong personality. You know about the Mystery of life, that there is a force greater than what is apparent to the senses and you are attracted to it. A Venus in Scorpio could be a lover of the Great Mystery, seeking the essence and true meaning of LOVE in all its forms.

You are psychically sensitive to the feelings of others. In an artistic sense, you would like the strong contrasts in painting, decorating, or in clothing. You will want to make a fashion statement according to your feelings.

Your physical body carries a strong sexual charge. It is important to understand this so that you can either encourage or NOT encourage people into your life. Sometimes you may need to let down or let go of some of that intensity in order to relax with the opposite sex. You probably love the sensuality of sex so keep your reason about you when necessary. – you know what I mean! Your sign is fertile so if you do not or are not ready for children then you must use good birth control.

The other may find you abrupt or lacking in delicacy. Try to allow your love nature and desires to be tempered. Give in sometimes so that love doesn’t become hate because with your Venus in Scorpio once you turn your attention away from someone you may do so forever. You need to let that part of you down a little too! This gives others a chance to redeem themselves in your eyes and heart. There could also be a very idealistic side to you. Get some feedback from someone who sits outside your world of romance to help temper some of that intensity in you!

Also, since you are quite proud in love, make sure you realize that the other person is just that – a person. They may never be able to meet up to the amount of pride you feel in them so do remember to let them be themselves!

"The Veil"                            by Gienne Gabriels 

A Venus in Scorpio woman is mysterious. You can never know all of her as she keeps her passionate thoughts and feelings close to her heart. She may study the great Mysteries including Women's Blood Mysteries.


You are a WATER SIGN. Your emotions are deep and lasting. 



Find the ?VENUS glyph  in your chart. If the symbol  is next to it, then your Venus is in SAGITTARIUS. It will look like this:

 5° 49′  There will be some numbers with degree °   -    minute ′ symbols next to the numbers. These numbers I've used won't be yours, they are just an example. You won't have to worry about them now because as beginners the most important thing to learn is what SIGN your VENUS is in. Later on, you'll learn why the degrees are important.

These women either have Venus or some other planet or Ascendant in Sagittarius!

Good cheer and SPIRIT are in their blood! 

If your VENUS is in SAGITTARIUS you will want your personal freedom. You do not like feeling that you are tied down in love. You look for someone who can give you a sense of adventure in life. You love to talk about philosophy and you take an eternal journey on life and infuse it with great meaning.

You could inspire other women in their lives in some important way. In your art you express great feelings of the meaning of being a woman or in life itself. Your responses to life are emotionally idealistic and spiritual.

You are friendly, outgoing and social. You can be frankly outspoken in your inner feelings or observations about others. Ethics, philosophy and religion guide your moral conduct. You may try to convert your partner to your own religious or spiritual belief or you may find that you are more attracted to friends and relationships where you have something spiritual in common. You need someone in love who understands your need for making meaning and seeing the bigger picture

You may like a large home if you can afford it. You want to be surrounded by the natural beauty of nature. You may be fond of art forms that have a religious or spiritual motif which you pick up on your travels to distant places. Living around or near water may also appeal to you because it relaxes you and allows you to have a wide open space to shift perspective in.

Try not to be blunt with others. Your natural openness though of value could offend someone. It is important for you to tell the truth but sometimes waiting until you are not emotionally charged up about the situation will be helpful. Don’t impose your religious, spiritual or moral standards on others. You ‘just love’ certain spiritual elements about life but others may not. You would benefit from finding friends who are as wholeheartedly inspired by these elements as you are. 
Then you can explore more deeply into the meaning behind religious elements in life.

Venus in Sag.....Her lover must take her on a JOURNEY.

You love the Journey of life and need opportunities to show this love to others. Your social group could be large or diverse culturally and this suits you.

Large animals like horses, or BIG dogs appeal to your sense of adventure. Since you like the wide open spaces your animals can journey with you and become loving companions on your path. Men with a sense of adventure or who are athletic appeal to you.

It is not known whether Hypatia of Alexandria had her VENUS in Sagittarius but because she so exemplifies the archtype I have chosen her as our woman.

A historian close to her own time, Socrates Scholasticus, wrote of her in his Church History: "There was a woman at Alexandria named Hypatia, daughter of the philosopher Theon, who made such attainments in literature and science, as to far surpass all the philosophers of her own time. Having succeeded to the school of Plato and Plotinus, she explained the principles of philosophy to her auditors, many of whom came from a distance to receive her instructions. On account of the self-possession and ease of manner which she had acquired in consequence of the cultivation of her mind, she not infrequently appeared in public in the presence of the magistrates. Neither did she feel abashed in going to an assembly of men. For all men on account of her extraordinary dignity and virtue admired her the more.”

The word philosophy means “love (philo) of wisdom (sophia).”  The yearning for sacred wisdom is one of the possible ways a Venus in Sag could love. They have a love of WISDOM.

On another note, this Venus sign can be rather masculine, putting her attention on athletic achievement.

This Venus sign can excell at sports and is a wonderful team member.

Venus in Sag is a FIRE Sign. She makes a great cheerleader and can hold the positive energy of SPIRIT because it is part of her nature.


TIP: Reread about the way Venus manifests differently in each sign, do you get a sense of and appreciate why we are all so wonderfully different and how this makes life complex but lively!? Go back and look at the pictures of each woman who exemplifies her sign. What story would you like to tell me about YOUR VENUS?

You know I would love to hear from you.

COMING SOON: NEXT, we'll look at Venus #4 in Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Can you guess which Venus sign I am? It's one of the above!

 P.S. You can forward this article to a friend and take any notes in your journal that apply to YOU!...or someone you love. Girlfriends, I am so proud of how much you are learning and reading about this ANCIENT SCIENCE made new now - by all of us WOMEN! HOORAY for us! YES, we can become PRESIDENTS, DOCTORS, LAWYERS, ASTROlOGERS, HOMEMAKERS, MOTHERS with great WISDOM and anything else that our hearts desire!