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 Here are the next 3 Emanations of the Divine Feminine in VENUS:

Most of you will remember your VENUS SYMBOL by now or write it down in your journal so you can recognize it without much thinking....this is the beginning of how we develop our intution in astrology. We see the symbol and immediately we know its essence:

VENUS - she looks like a mirror with a handle, so very Venusy!



Find the ?VENUS glyph  in your chart. If the symbol  is next to it, then your Venus is in CANCER. It will look like this:

 5° 49′  There will be some numbers with degree °   -    minute ′ symbols next to the numbers. These numbers I've used won't be yours, they are just an example. You won't have to worry about them now because as beginners the most important thing to learn is what SIGN your VENUS is in. Later on, you'll learn why the degrees are important.

If your VENUS is in CANCER you are deeply sensitive in love. Your romantic feelings are strong but they can be easily hurt. You may hide this vulnerability behind a dignified exterior. You cherish your home, your mother, the land you walk upon. You want those who love you to demonstrate their affections so that you will feel secure and loved.

Your home could be the place of warm and wonderful social activity where cherished friends and family members gather. You make others feel welcome just to be around you.

You are particularly fond of family life. You may research your family lineage or be the one in the family to get everyone together.

You want to care for and protect others.

Barack Obama has his Venus in Cancer.

My son has his Venus in Cancer and he's a great cook! So, if you are a woman, who works, works, works, find a partner with Venus in Cancer who cooks, cooks, cooks!

You may even be a domestic diva with Venus in Cancer. Cooking  may appeal to you and if you haven’t tried it yet, then do. When you have someone you want to cook for, it will help you discover the creative way that you can nurture through food and sociability. You may replace love with food so as you grow older there could be a tendency to gain weight. Other elements in your chart will point to your ability to take it off if you have been eating as a replacement for love. Actually, we can all do this, not just Venus in Cancer.....but food is soooo comforting to you because the Moon is the ruler of your Venus sign and as such is seeking COMFORT most of the time.

Cancer Venuses usually love babies! You have fond childhood memories that are important to you. You are probably affectionate toward your children and love and nourish them a great deal. Sometimes this placement of Venus makes you clingy to those you love, if you become estranged from your children it will be good to give them some space but eventually you need to acknowledge how much you care and love them.

Romance is VITAL to your relationships – you need to be with sensitive others who can appreciate your deep and tender caring. You are a rare and wonderfully kind and caring person with charm and poise.

Sometimes your Venus here in Cancer may sulk or feel emotionally unstable. This happens in your reaction to that which is coarse or has offended or hurt your feelings. Try to remember that we are all human and not to take another’s remarks or behavior too personally. When you are lonely or feeling bored you may need to get out of your home and into a social setting that is comfortable and will provide you with the kind of nurturing you may be needing!

Venus in Cancer is learning about the eternal qualities of the SOUL and how our Soul is our source for finding love and fulfillment that leads to a contented life.

You are capable of devotional love either to those in your family or to a beloved teacher or Great Mother figure. This devotion expands your heart and will leak over into your everyday relationships in a wonderful way adding extra warmth to the genuine person you already are!


Find the ?VENUS glyph  in your chart. If the symbol  is next to it, then your Venus is in LEO. It will look like this:

 5° 49′  There will be some numbers with degree °   -    minute ′ symbols next to the numbers. These numbers I've used won't be yours, they are just an example. You won't have to worry about them now because as beginners the most important thing to learn is what SIGN your VENUS is in. Later on, you'll learn why the degrees are important.

Your Venus in LEO could excel in the arts or in design. You are highly creative and you have endless energy to express yourself through your creativity. You bring sunshine and new vitality into your artistic expression be it musical, painterly, poetic, architectural, anything that you create will have a light-filled sense about it.

Marilyn Monroe had her Venus in Leo

You love deeply and intensely. Your emotions and desires are passionate. You enjoy romance and romantic interludes. When you place your affections on someone you are ardent about them and become deeply committed to those you love.

You probably love to have fun so a good time socially is high on your priority list. You could make a great actress because of your natural dramatic flair. You are warm-hearted, outgoing, and affectionate. Your sunny nature makes you attractive to others. You will like the excitement and drama of love and being courted. You might even like to show off a little with your partner. And you do want to be appreciated.

You are concerned with your sexual performance but try to relax more into the love you feel rather than into how you perform. You are strongly loyal to those you love and will feel hurt or slighted if you are not given the attention you need or deserve.

You relate well to children and will be proud of your children. The child in you is strong even when you are mature and your playful nature can bring joy and lightness to others.

Your Venus is in a FIRE sign in LEO. This emphasises your passion, your energy, your drive and your will in love, in the perforing arts, in whatever work you do. 

Hildegard of Bingen had her VENUS IN LEO!

Now what in heavens name could Hildegard of Bingen and Marily Monroe have in common with their Venus in fiery Leo?!

Because a fiery Venus in Leo can be so consumed by passion, Hildegard was inclined to direct her heart's pursuits in a spiritual direction. She composed music often to her lyrics of devotion to both God and the Divine Feminine. Her Venus directed her passionate life and magnanimous giving, loving nature to others. Although she was often sick in body, her HEART always being consumed by the love of God and Sophia, the Divine Feminine, she found the Leonian energy to create her art through the channel of her spiritual Venus

Hildegard had a true marriage with the divine as she had her VENUS IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE SUN IN LEO! In astrology this is the aspect of the soul mate or soul union! So in Hildegard's case, she had a marriage to the divine all her life.

(MUSIC)"Tears Shining Under the Moonlight"

Here is an example of Hildegard's musical compostion. If you click on MUSIC, then come back to read the rest of this article you will hear a wonderful example of how Venus can express herself. It all depends on the inclinations of the Soul of the person.

This is a MUST HEAR......I understand some of you are not listening to the music I have on this web site because you don't know how to find it. The first time I came across this on a website I just ignored it until I realized that that "word", music, kept popping up. Finally I took the leap and hit the "music" link.

I choose this music especially because I wish you to comprehend astrology from the level of all your senses....so whenever you click onto (MUSIC) you will get a piece of wonderful music or song that goes right along with what I am teaching. You can CLICK ONTO THE MUSIC (don't be afraid of your computer or table or cell phone.... just try it. So if you look above and click on music in purple and in paranthesis you will be DeLIGHTed! I promise. .....and then you can come back to my web site WHILE YOU LISTEN TO THE MUSIC!? You do this by looking to the top of your screen after you get the music on. You will see this web page and you can click back on it as the music continues!


Find the ?VENUS glyph  in your chart. If the symbol  is next to it, then your Venus is in VIRGO. It will look like this:


 5° 49′  There will be some numbers with degree °   -    minute ′ symbols next to the numbers. These numbers I've used won't be yours, they are just an example. You won't have to worry about them now because as beginners the most important thing to learn is what SIGN your VENUS is in. Later on, you'll learn why the degrees are important.

Your Venus in VIRGO usually loves their work, but if you don’t, it will be very important for you to find a field that brings you delight. Then you can excel in your profession and feel happy and useful at the same time. 

You bring an eye for both artistic expression and detail to whatever you do.

Precision is a quality of women who work with their hands, women with Venus in Virgo.

Your Venus in Virgo is an Earth sign. Perhaps you also like to grow things or tend a very tidy garden! You can excel at crafts because your hands have a special kind of dexterity for putting small things together.

Venus in Virgo can overwork or they can suffer in their work unless they learn to make good boundaries on their time. Sometimes there is a hardship associated with their health or with working conditions if Venus in Virgo has difficult aspects. 

You may be shy or have feelings of social inferiority This can create feelings of loneliness or frustration. At these times you may retreat into your work or pursuits that take you away from people. Though this may work temporarily in the long run this is not good. Isolation can prevent you from meeting people who you could really enjoy and could help you out of your shell of shyness and social fears.

You have an inner sweetness under a possibly cold or harsh exterior and you may not be aware of this. You are sensitive and you may be hiding behind your display of coldness or too mental outlook. You have so much to offer by releasing the flow of affection towards others!

"Doctors, nurses, therapists, surgeons, healers and crafters....You have an ability to heal and to work or create with your hands with Venus in Virgo."

You are sympathetic and want to help the sick or defeated. You have a wonderful ability to nurture which could put you in a healing profession. As you learn to care about yourself, your body, your personal appearance, and your social life, all these elements of living can bring you out of yourself and into a more well adjusted social and personal life. Virgo excels in the arts or in design. You are highly creative. You have energy to express yourself through your creativity. When you are not expressing your creative side you may feel repressed or that you are working too hard or in too rugged of terrain. Your gentle, creative and nurturing sides are parts of you that may need tending to.

Julia Child had her Venus in Virgo. Those pots lined up in a row are a dead give away.

Many famous cooks have their Venus in Virgo. Their attention to detail, precision at measurements, and desire to produce something that is useful or of service to others make them good cooks. Some like to take care of others in this way.

You may be attracted to personal items that are of high quality and beautiful. Though you may work hard to acquire personal possessions or status these are not substitutes for personal affection. As you mature you sense your needs for attention and affection and will find healthy ways of relating to others, ways that release your tendency to be perfectionistic or too critical of others.

Virgo Venuses must know when to stop and to stop seeking perfection if they want to survive. Orderliness and tidiness are great qualities, but in the extreme they may cause anxiety. Depression can arise from never being able to attain their ideals for themselves.



"Love, Love, Love, .....All there is is LOVE"

From your Soul Sistar,

OH, and P.S. our next series will be Venus in: LIBRA, SCORPIO and SAGITARRIUS! I hope you are reading all of them because if you do you will begin to understand the inclinations of the heart behind other peoples actions and reactions to living.