All across the country, the solar eclipse of August 2017 astrology is aligned with the passion of the heart and spirit of the Lion. This points to bold, confident changes. It opens our heart with the necessary passion to energize and bring courage to defend and uphold democracy. The eclipse itself is happening in Leo, but the polar opposite, being Aquarius, Aquarian values is where this is all headed. Aquarius is the sign of our upcoming age, one that will last over 2100 years. The age of Aquarius brings us the heart and courage to uphold and sustain democracy and equality for ALL PEOPLE of all nations. 

Because Leo is a fixed sign, it can lead to long term success. Look to your own astrology chart. Where does this eclipse fall? Your determination and sustained effort in that area of your life will bring the growth and happiness you desire.

New moon August 2017 aligns with the major fixed star Regulus which is considered a ROYAL STAR, one that can bring ambition, but and with Uranus we don't know what to expect. With Mercury in retrograde we must look at our past history as a nation to unveil the total shadow and bring in a renewed vision based on our countries past experience. Where in our past history as a nation have we caused pain and suffering (Mercury retro in Virgo)? What can we do to make amends to a history of slavery and American Indian genocide? Will your heart and my heart, and the hearts in this country be able to hold and sustain the divine feminine's spirit of inclusivity?

New plans for the future are based on the ability to see the shadow of our country and to be willing to bring in a NEW light!

Old beliefs, habits and behaviors are to be questioned. As this eclipse unfolds over the next six months, we must bring new possibilities to the table.

The Royal Star, Regulus.

At the Heart of the Lion is one of the most powerful stars in astrology. It can bring success but also the danger of loss. Another main influence on solar eclipse day is a helpful trine aspect to Uranus, the planet of change and excitement. Uranus in Aries brings unexpected happenings. These two fiery signs will trine the the planetary north node currently in LEO. This is FIRE IN THE SKY!... what it will bring depends upon how well we work with our shadow and allow our HEARTS TO GROW and mature (trine to SATURN in Sag. which completes the fire trine!) 

Fixed star Regulus is independant, proud, confident, frank, brave, militant and violent. While open minded and generous, Regulus wants to conquer and rule, to leave his/her mark before another challenger claims the throne.

A solar eclipse with Regulus gives success, honor, wealth,  power, authority, and influence. However, envy and hatred from the shadow within form enemies which can lead to trouble and downfall, even violence.

Regulus and Mars were rising on the eastern horizon when Donald Trump was born. This eclipse is very near that point in his chart. He will have to work on building a new heart strength and courage to overcome his own personal ambition and failures.

In the historical past of astrology, an eclipse often foretold the end or fall of the king or ruler of the land.
"Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up and riding anyway."    
                                                             John Wayne
With Uranus in the picture, The Wild Card is introduced into our thinking. If we can think outside the box and at the same time maintain an open heart, then we can - together- create a more inclusive New Vision for the future of our country.
Courage, like that of a lion, takes courage to look at our own shadow, to stand up for what is the good and the true!
Dixie Gladstone
Feminine Astrology