Eclipse aftermath, Mercury Retro and possible Autumn Glory 


August 25, 2017


....and possible AUTUMN GLORY

This is Mercury

This was our eclipse....mercury was in between these two heavenly bodies and mercury is in backwards apparent has yet to catch up to all this eclipse energy!

Hi everyone,

Thought that eclipse was over? Not really, not at's Mercury's fault (as usual) as it continues on it's retrograde journey at the very first few degrees of VIRGO and then plunging BACK ALL THE WAY into LEO and the point at which we had our big USA eclipse!

What does it mean? It means:

IT'S NOT OVER....ECLIPSE energy, whatever affect that has had upon you, it still sifting itself around over your head and down to your toes!

Are your ducks in a row?.....not these ducks, they haven't decided which way to go yet and just whose going to jump in first to be the leader....this may be one of the possible feelings that crop up during this Merc retro!

That's because when we had the eclipse, we also had MERCURY RETROGRADE in between our Sun and our Moon. Mercury is our mind, and it is powerful indeed, partly because it is so close to the sun and sifts the sun's energy to us via our brains..........if we have any left after this week.

So the Sun, Moon with Mercury - makes us extra sensitive for one thing esp. if we have any planets or nodes around 27 Leo to 5 Virgo- we are the captive ones! Mercury is also the ruler of VIRGO - so it's extra strong with a lot of power to throw you into a loop unless you stay centered and grounded.

Planets in Virgo like the Sun and Mercury can turn us back to the work at hand! This can help us reground and regroup! (MUSIC)

Virgo retrograde can bring financial challenges, health issues, mental exhaustion, scheduling upsets and more.....much depends on where it is in your chart. Mine is in the 7th house of partnerships and close personal relationships, so it's affecting members of my family in such a way that it's putting stress on me too.....and because my natal (at birth) Mercury is in my 8th guessed problems associated with those I love the most!

We may experience times of:


As we dig up the past, our attention could be drawn to the details we may have overlooked, or the denial that still holds a grip on our checkbook! Our perspectives are changing this week and so may the feelings in our hearts! Mercury travels around: Leo to Virgo and back to Leo, then finally direct in Leo Sept. 5th and then back to Virgo on September 10th! Add another week for all the stuff that gets stirred up and maybe we could settle down after that.

Mercury also affects our weather on planet earth. This is something that hasn't been studied much in astrology....but here's a tip for those who want to look into this: you have to look at the astrology for the founding of a nation, a state, a city - all these entities have an astrology chart too! Look to Mountain Astrologer,they sometimes have articles on this.



I almost forgot, SATURN GOES DIRECT TODAY, Aug. 25th bringing us into new clarity about our beliefs, what is true, have your dreams and ideals shifted since early April 2017 when Saturn went retrograde? What do you believe about yourself now? In what area of your life have you matured? If SATURN has been pressing on a particular planet in your chart it will take about a month before you start to feel the release or relief of all that pressure and demand it was making on you. (go here to review in what house SATURN has been doing its maturing in your astro chart)

With Saturn direct we can look at our commitments and our reality more clearly, although this will be more possible when Mercury is also DIRECT!

My mind (Mercury) is going everywhere today, so, why not a little poem to get our minds and hearts back to the EARTH and her lovely ways of changing seasons...


Bright autumn,
I wait for your return.

I imagine you more vivid
than you really are.
I imagine that
you hold my soul

in your golden grasp
and want to reveal it to me.
I imagine the hills
calling out my name

and the trees turning their heads
to see me.
I imagine
the wind rushing

to embrace my body
and the rain
melting from heaven
to touch my head.

Your leaves will turn orange
and the sky redden.
to show off in front of me.
Even a piece of your sun

will shine more yellow
to stain my long arms
and make a dappled canopy
for my hair to play in.

Bright autumn,
I am waiting.

5/16/99 10 PM by DG





I'll be back soon,