Earthy Saturn and Your Karmic Imprints  


An Earthy Saturn and its' Karmic Imprints


Hello everyone, we're going to resume our discoveries about Saturn in your birth

Let's take out our charts now.....and remember your journals...that way you can take a few notes on what sign your Saturn occupies and what house it is in. If we take notes now, we will get the MOST of this website - just a few notes here and there....then you reread them later on and VOILA! you have a deeper comprehension than before! You may even be able to relate to what is happening in your life today by knowing where and in what sign your Saturn dwells.

 this is SATURN

TAKE OUT YOUR CHART NOW AND SEE WHERE SATURN WAS AT YOUR BIRTH. What sign is it in? What house is it in? 

See how the houses are numbered starting with #1 on the Ascendant or Rising Sign? (that's the one circled in RED) House #1 is on the left midway down on your round chart. House #2 is the next one below it.....see those inner numbers on the wheel above? - those are the HOUSE NUMBERS. What you are looking at now is a SATURN in Scorpio in the 4th house.


Having trouble finding where Saturn is in your chart? - you can always email me and I will send you your Natal (Birth) Saturn by sign and house. I will need 1. your name 2. birth date 3. birth time to the minute if you have it and 4. birth place (city and state or country) Send your info to me:

If you want to refresh your memory or you haven't read the 1st of this natal Saturn series go HERE - for the Saturn basics and why it's important in your chart, also how it relates to the MOON and your precious Soul!


Is your Saturn in Taurus ,  Virgo ,or Capricorn  ?

Is it located in one of the EARTHY houses, your 2nd, 6th or 10th house?  

When Saturn is in an earth  sign or house, it is work, service, material possessions, manifesting in the material world and your achievement in your job or career that are of concern. Blockage on the physical level may take place if you cannot find meaningful and gainful work or if you do not have a right relationship with your work.

Saturn suffering arises through problems and limitations which affect you through your bodily comfort, the ability to support and sustain yourself, and your capacity to find meaningful work. Overcoming these Saturn limits, allow the earthy Saturn to achieve responsibility and authority in the areas where you show skill and competence.

We all want and need to be useful. If your Saturn is in earth signs or an earth house, the second, sixth or tenth house, then you are seeking through your labors to feel that you have earned your place in society.

Let's look at each of the 3 earthy Saturns:


The emotional need for a secure foundation is strong. The aquisition of money and possessions is based on whatever makes you feel most secure.

Taurus bonding can be strong and wants commitment.

Remember Saturn is in disguise, so feelings of insecurity can arise from not having a partner that one is not physically bonded to. You might not even realize what is troubling you, but if your partner is far away or unavailable to you, this makes a Saturn in Taurus feel insecure.

Not having enough money in the bank is painful for everyone, but to the Saturn in Taurus....

there can be an inability to settle down until there is plenty of money around that feels permanent.

Saturn in Taurus or in the 2nd house may fear poverty. Things on the material plane take on meaning and are symbols for the inner quality or state of being.

by Edmond Dulac (image in the public domain)

You may define security very differently if you place a high value on true love or spirituality. Values about spirituality can also be vital to this person's quest for security in life.

The self-made man or woman can often be found with this Saturn. The fear of loosing what one has acquired  can lead to penurious patterns of holding on to money. This doesn't make sense to others as they may see you with an ample supply. There can be a compulsive need to have and control more and more material things. As you age you will discover the inner quality of security cannot in truth be made tangible in this way.

Saturn in Taurus may judge themselves by what they have and not by what they are. Underneath it all, this person is seeking inner value and spiritual security and growth. There are many layers of meaning to the earthy element in Saturn!

We change ourselves into things to escape the pursuits of Saturn. But, alas, along comes a Saturn transit and the very thing we fear most rears it's ugly head. We divorce, we loose in the stock market, or we become ill and the very security we are most seeking, even though we may have millions in the bank, cannot be bought.

This brings anxiety and grief and we must realize that the 'pearl of great price' exists in the heart and not in the pocketbook. This usually comes after much persistence and effort in work.

I esp want to ACKNOWLEDGE the Saturn in 2nd house or TAURUS who becomes a wonderful giver to those in need! SCROOGE IS SAVED AND SO is TINY TIM! This is the redeeming quality that goes along with this Earthy Saturn! Earthy Saturns, we couldn't do without you! Thank you for your generous giving.

If you have..........


These Saturns are the truly hard workers, so much so that it can affect their health. You may see yourself as here to SERVE. One's physical body may suffer with Saturn in Virgo. 

The 6th house, like Virgo, has to do with your routines and work habits which can be either overly perfectionistic or completely lacking.... or you may have lackadaisical habits that need enthusiasm behind them. Self care is important to this Saturn but they may not realize this until they mature.

Lack of purification, synthesis, ordering your environment, your priorities, and your work or type of work can become the symbol for not feeling nourished, for feelings of toxicity, or feelings of being or deserving less than others. 

The body itself is the SYMBOL with Saturn in Virgo.

"I can become unhealthy due to failure to find the right work or to know how to take proper care of my self."

The integration process of who you are can be the source of unhealthy habits or habits of overdoing it. You simply don't RECEIVE the feedback necessary to know your body is tired and needs to rest. Only in this way can it regain it's ability to work or be of service to others.    

Emotional feelings of inadequacy can be the source of overdoing it. Your overcompensating can result in fatigue, anxiety or stress symptoms.  

Overwork becomes a sign for you, however false it may be,  that you are worthy!

If you have not found your place in the world this pain causes emotional suffering or ill health. There is a definite connection of what is going on in the mind to the body with this Saturn set up. Sensitivities to foods, allergies, and drugs or alcohol can exist until you find a routine, diet, program, and healthy work and work pace that benefits your body as well as your mind.


Disappointment, frustration and ill health can cause this Saturn seeker to journey into fields that can connect the mind with the body.

You will need to find a proper rhythm and a careful ordering of your environment to achieve the kind of livelihood and a sense of self you hope to achieve.

Being obsessively on time is important to you if your Saturn is in Virgo. If you are overdoing this to the point of anxiety it could be that you feel scattered and not able to process all the happenings in your life. This is a sign you need some alone time to assimilate all that is coming at you.

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Fear or anxiety are the result of Saturn feeling inadequate when one does not feel useful to the larger group or family.

It is your task to integrate your self with the everyday world around you if you have Saturn in Virgo or in the 6th house.

Because, your ability to organize and manage or administer to others is strong, it will be valued wherever you work. A real healing ability can be found in these people. But you will have to work to bring these to light and polish your skills to become useful. As you grow and get your ducks in a row, you will find the work and achievement you so desire. 

If you are ill and the demands of your illness dominate your family or are coming from a  desire to avoid unpleasant work, you may have to look at what you are really trying to avoid. Remember Saturn can bring limitations, these limitations sometimes need to be overcome by our direct attention to our body with this placement of Saturn. When we acknowledge our limitations as real, we become more humble and this humility is one of the lessons of Saturn in Virgo.

There is the danger of the extreme of working too hard or enduring some hardship that affects one's mind and or body. Even mental illness can result from the pressures of an overworked or overburdened Saturn in this earthy sign of Virgo or if you have it in your 6th house. 

This placement can also, conversely, put an overemphasis on being healthy to the extent of obsession on ones body and food intake.

The GOOD NEWS for this Saturn is that a GREAT DAILY ROUTINE, GOOD FOOD, REST, and FINDING YOUR CALLING can all heal and renew you, body and mind!.


This is a powerhouse SATURN! Capricorn is exalted in Saturn - it can be at it's best or worst here. An inner sense of personal drive and responsiblity often come with this earthy Saturn. There may be a strong sense of one's fate in life. If this is your Saturn you may feel driven. Others see this as ambitious. You may sacrifice your personal life for your profession and a desire to be recognized in the field of your choosing can be strong.

Family rejection or isolation can be a pattern of early childhood. This can later bring on a need in the psyche to express the individuality by creating ambition that produces real achievement in the world or in society, the need to be needed and to be seen as a valuable member of society.

Later in life, you may realize why you had to do all that hard work. This is the Saturn that could sacrifice everything to achieve the goal. You want to control the environment by gaining control over it. It may be hard to find a sense of your own spontaneity or it may be difficult for you to relax. 

The mother or father can be represented by the 10th earthy Saturn in the Capricorn house. Whichever parent was dominant in shaping your early childhood or the one you look up to is in this house. Sometimes the father is absent through death or having left the family either physically or emotionally. Or perhaps the father overworks to the point of neglect of the children. An alcoholic mother who refuses outside help or doesn't make her way into recovery can be a great source of loneliness in a child's life.

Feeling emotionally rejected by the mother can bring about a great sensitivity (not obvious to others in a Saturn in Capricorn) to public opinion. Fearing failure or a sense of inadequacy can be strong. You are probably conservative in your approach to social values.

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This is such an interesting placement of Saturn as you will probably hold some position of authority in your lifetime. You demonstrate usefulness and value through your achievement and this becomes evident to others as you grow and age. You can become proficient, a true master of your field as you overcome the difficulties of this Saturn.

When you reach the top you will have done so by learning diplomacy. You have tried so hard and been so persistent you deserve your elevated position. You can give structure and form to some group or social structure.

(MUSIC) she has done the impossible with her voice....this could be a Saturn in Capricorn accomplishment!

By accepting the challenge of your own inner self, you can find the deeper meaning of a purposeful life. Saturn can become the beneficent elder when you realize the heights of the mountain are not just attained for money or fame or power but rather for the usefulness to society and the cultural building that this Saturn can attain! WOW! We need you!

"Overcoming a difficult SATURN can be one of the finest achievements of your lifetime!" 

Blue Sapphire is the stone of strengthening Saturn. Remember you saw this sapphire in previous Saturn article...Saturn rules stones and stone energy from the earth. If you are a geologist, or perhaps you are a healer whose modality is using gems and stones. Then you have a strong connection to Saturn!

We'll talk about the AIRY SATURNS (such as Saturn in Aquarius, Libra and Gemini) NEXT!

BTW, it's OK if you couldn't figure out where your Saturn is in your birth chart, a lot of people don't get it or doubt themselves sooooooooo....



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