CERES in LEO oh, JOY! until June 2018  

CERES IS IN LEO FROM September 28, 2017 until June 27, 2018


Hello everyone,

whenever I start writing about planets like Saturn or Pluto I get to feeling a little 







and then I remember - there are a LOT of other planets and asteroids just hanging around out there ready to be noticed........so I thought I'd lighten up with one of my favorite asteroids, CERES, the asteroid Goddess of food, agriculture and nourishment. It's time to lighten up, love, laugh and have some fun with your creativity while Ceres is in LEO!


Here is Sharon's Mother Ceres, also known as Demeter, mother of Persephone.

Whenever you see a Goddess with grain in her hands she is a symbol of the Earth as life-giving, abundant energy. She nurtures by producing food for all the beings on our planet. This is Ceres/Demeter.

 look for this symbol to find her in your chart

this symbol is the sythe that our ancestors cut grain with, and on another level it is the moon above the earth representing fecundity, growth, and new life!

In your astrology chart Ceres/Demeter tells about how you nurture others, how and what you need for your own nurturance. She describes issues relating to nutrition, diet and assimilation of food or of what you are trying to bring into yourself. For example, if Ceres is in conjunction with Mercury (as in my chart), knowledge and information will be a source of nurturance and inspiration. Ceres/Mercury gives mental rappore with others.

If you want to know more about these Goddesses, my favorite book on the subject is ASTEROID GODDESSES written by Demetra George - you'll have to look for it in a used book house because it is no longer in print. Demetra has the best book out that I've seen on the subject.....she spearheaded the Goddess Astrology work in the 1980's.

Some of you younger women will want to use her book and then using your intuition develop your astrology along these lines using the feminine asteroids as significant points in your chart or in the charts of others. YOU will be the new Demetra George's for our time! YOU CARRY THE NEW FEMININE MYSTERY INSIDE YOU - go for it - don't be afraid. I am so proud of you!

Now, back to CERES.....

Ceres/Demeter can describe issues of the loss of a child or beloved in your life. She also may indicate the RETURN of the maiden within or without you, the child, the lost one. 

If she is afflicted in your chart, there may be issues of bulimia or obesity.

"Nurture"        Sharon Russell

She describes how you were mothered or nurtured. If you had difficulties feeling nurtured by your mother you can look to this Asteroid Goddess in your chart to see what you need to fill the void or lack of abundance in your life.


LEO LADY OF THE SUN          Sharon Russell

CURRENTLY,  Ceres is in the sign of Leo until June 27, 2018.


This is an extra long time for Ceres to be in Leo. To me this speaks to our very creative hearts, that we must pay attention to - during this time our creativity should nourish us in some way. Look at Leo Lady of the Sun, her BODY is exposed to the sunlight, sunflowers and iris grace her form.We have this time to consider how to nurture ourselves and one another through our creativity, our love affairs, our love of children, and the ways in which our creative endeavors make us we feel vital and alive. 

Ceres in a FIRE sign has lots of SPIRIT! Ceres in this sign is ruled by the passion of the heart. She wants to express herself personally. She takes PRIDE in her creations and abilities to create. She has confidence and appreciation for the creative efforts of others.

"SELF-ACCEPTANCE comes with a feeling of being nurtured as you SHARE something that gives you PRIDE and JOY!"

If you are having a hard time doing this then self-rejection can come in and a decline in physical energy or a feeling of lifelessness. This could happen if Ceres makes hard aspects to certain planets in your chart. But you can also know this is happening just by the way you feel - REMEMBER... the ANTIDOTE is creative self-expression that is FUN AND BRINGS LIFE TO YOU HEART AND SOUL! Get in touch with that this year and you will be IN THE FLOW of this lovely nurturing asteroid Goddess!

to culture and nourish your heart, wear or carry Rose Quartz

or Coral

(MUSIC anyone?)


1st House: Express your personality in nurturing and sympathetic ways. Show your concern for others. Nurture yourself with the freedom to be your SELF! Be self-sufficient and self-determined. 

2nd House: Learning how to provide materially for yourself can give you feelings of self worth and acceptance. Let others touch and hold you! Feel your self-worth! Use all your senses to find joy and self-expression.

3rd House: Being talked or read to, educated or listened to can give you a sense of your intelligence and how to use it to creatively shape your day to day life. Feed the neighbors cat if asked or ask them to feed yours. Take a class on how to communicate your needs to others.

4th House: Ceres values the family and has deep roots and ties in the 4th house. Do you have a family system? or an extended family system or group that nurtures you and gives you a sense of community? If the answer is 'no' you might be the one on the block that starts a creative monthly potluck to get all the neighbors together. 4th house can also be our mother - does she need some extra attention or appreciation?



5th House: Nurturing children, educating them, playing with them, having fun that nurtures YOU too is important! Your want to create something now...nourish this in yourself and allow your creativity to come out!

6th House: Ceres passing through your 6th house could give you the urge to cook or bake or plant a garden. Maybe you'll get into health foods or become interested in nutrition and how best to feed your body so that it feels vital and alive! You may also find that you are extra productive at your work and that your creativity can more easily be expressed and appreciated now. What you do, if it is a product, food item, your labors - all can bring in a greater JOY to your SELF and those you SERVE.

7th House: Develop your green thumb by creating a new relationship with Mother Nature - she provides the seeds and you care for them! Your relationships may need an extra does of nurturance from you - find uplifting, happy ways to care for others! Find new ways to create HARMONY, COOPERATION and BALANCE in all your relationships. Nurturance and cooperation go together in your 7th house. Make beauty wherever you go!

8th House: you want some intense, deep emotional bonding with another. You might HEAL others now. The healing power of LOVE and JOY can transform you from the inside out! No isolation allowed! Imbalance will occur. It could nourish you to study the MYSTERIES of the FEMININE during this time. Maybe you want to discover the origins of creativity.

9th House: Explore or expand your horizons, a guru or spiritual teacher could nourish you, develop a philosophy or belief system that brings meaning into your life, or help others to do this. Feeling inspired and then acting on it can nourish you or others. As you pursue knowledge, travel, freedom and truth these new philosophies can develop and bring you a feeling of comfort and nurture.

10th House: Your career or profession can bring with it a sense of social responsibility while Ceres is here. As you care and provide for others a sense of your social destiny can emerge and feel very creative. You don't have to live up to anyone's expectations. Love yourself unconditionally and giving comes more naturally.

Your friends can be a source of fun during this transit of Ceres through your 11th house as you nurture one another through play and adventure! HA! 

11th House: The larger collective can bring out your special creative endeavors with support groups, child care co-ops, extended families. You can give birth to a new humanitarian vision. Your friendships can be a great source of receiving nourishment and support!

"Plant a seed of friendship; reap a bouquet of happiness." Lois L.Kaufman

12th House: This can be a tall order as your compassion and empathy for the suffering of others or even of your own personal losses come to the fore. You may want to nurture the entire universe, but that's probably a bit much, and you will need to find ways to connect with a higher reality through unconditional love. Maria Montessori was born with this signature, Ceres in her 12th house. She used it by becoming an educator of impoverished and disadvantaged children. Her program for children began a worldwide revolution in childhood education! WOW!

There are a million ways to be creative and bring a sense of nurturance, bonding, and emotional fulfillment to oneself and others. EXPLORE WHAT THOSE ARE FOR YOU THIS YEAR! 

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