April 7, 2015

Our Eclipse is OVER - now it is time to


We've had our eclipse, it was intense. We've had over 5 years of Pluto in an intense square to Uranus challenging every aspect of our humaness from our personal liberties to the world economy, war, terrorism, religious fanaticisim, the taking away of women's rights, health insurance changes, a crashed economy, a revived economy,( for some but not for all) ...... the list goes on.......most of us have been affected! All this was accentuated by the last two eclipses.


Our last Lunar Eclipse on Saturday marks a turning point in events. All through these dark nights of the recent past we have been - each and every one of us - challenged to find what is truly within us. What is our true life path and how can we integrate it with our relationships? and with our changing world?

It is the nature of an eclipse that not every question is answered once the eclipse is over, rather, there is a 6 month period in which whatever new energy or light has entered into us will be revealed. We live out and live through many past events in order to live a future that will be based on more connection to the SOUL. Our egos have been responding so that we can learn to work with the outer structures that seem to govern our lives. But what is really happening is hidden to the ego and known only to the eternal Soul.

We must go within. This will take some time. It is time now to TAKE IT EASY on yourself and others. After the eclipse, now we have time to take a breath. Yes, we are still busy with our doings, our comings and goings. We have to fulfill our engagements with the world. But just for this WEEK-be easy with yourself and others.

"Take it eeeeeeasy with yourself."

"Take it eeeeeeasy with one another."

Take a step back inside your SELF. Your precious SELF is needing to replenish from the intensity of it all! Let's go together into the mysterious territory of the self by taking time this week to MEDITATE, PRAY, SLEEP MORE, REST, you could even do as I sometimes do: WANDER AROUND IN IDLENESS....

You have an inner child who is needing tending. Give her some attention that she loves!

"You are the Living Mystery of Divine Love."

All of this idle wandering and resting will allow your body to integrate the electrical and hormonal changes that are happening to we humans as we transition to a new world.

Next week we will talk about VESTA, now in Pisces, and how she can help us with protecting our WOMAN'S CENTER.



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Love to you and your very dear and brave hearts,

Dixie Gladstone



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