Airy Saturn and Your Karmic Imprints 



Before we start with our AIRY Saturns, if you want a GENERAL overview of the purpose of SATURN in your chart you can go HERE. I include the difference between Saturn and the 29 year Moon Cycle because Saturn ALSO HAS A 29 year cycle.....and women are always asking, are they related? They are very different, but, YES, they are. related. 

now, back to our AIRY SATURNS...becoming a master at connections and communications is what it's all about for the element of your AIRY SATURN...

This is the third part in a series on Saturn, you can find Earth and Water Saturns by looking to your left on this page! If you already know how to find Saturn in your chart, scroll down a bit now for Air sign and house Saturns - - - otherwise here's how to find Saturn in your chart.

Let's take out our charts now.....and remember your journals...that way you can take a few notes on what sign your Saturn occupies and what house it is in. If you take notes now, you will get the MOST of this website - just a few notes here and there....then you reread them later on and VOILA! you have a deeper comprehension than before! You may even be able to relate to what is happening in your life today by knowing where and in what sign your Saturn dwells.

This is SATURN's symbol.


TAKE OUT YOUR CHART NOW AND SEE WHERE SATURN WAS AT YOUR BIRTH. What sign is it in? What house is it in? 

See how the houses are numbered starting with #1 on the Ascendant or Rising Sign? (that's the one circled in RED) House #1 is on the left midway down on your round chart. House #2 is the next one below it.....see those inner numbers on the wheel above? - those are the HOUSE NUMBERS, 1 through 12. What you are looking at in the chart above is a SATURN in Scorpio in the 4th house.


Having trouble finding where Saturn is in your chart? - you can always email me and I will send you your Natal (Birth) Saturn by sign and house. I will need 1. your name 2. birth date 3. birth time to the minute if you have it and 4. birth place (city and state or country) Send your info to me:

If you want to refresh your memory or you haven't read the 1st of this natal Saturn series go HERE - for the Saturn basics and why it's important in your chart, also how it relates to the MOON and your precious Soul!

You can click here for some SATURN MUSIC and then come back to this page to listen while you read!

If you have Saturn in Gemini , Libra , or  Aquarius   you have an airy Saturn. You also have an airy Saturn if you have Saturn in your 3rd, 7th, or 11th house.

If you have come into this life with an airy Saturn you are developing a capacity to THINK!  The kind of frustration Saturn can bring to the mind can be more subtle than the physical (Earth) or emotional (watery) Saturn. It is probably less observable. If you have Saturn in an air sign or house, your creative mind may become frustrated by feeling blocked in its self expression.

An extreme way of expressing a blocked air Saturn is in the over emphasis on the mind as THE WAY. The objective mind and the scientific mind are highly prized, so much so that they can overshadow the rewards of intuition, feeling, mystical thinking, and the heart.

The results of what happens when air cannot shift, move, and circulate between the mind and the heart, or the mind and other people is a blocked Saturn.

Airy Saturns can seem sterile even to themselves, and the result is a feeling of being cut off, of test- tube living, of social isolation or feelings of intellectual inadequacy - blah! How horrible is that! 

So, right now, if you have an airy Saturn (moi!) know that your loneliness, fear, and frustrations can result if you mentally isolate yourself. You are finding it difficult to 'commune icate' with others. You may suffer your isolation in silence, sigh....

But you NEED community. Isolation makes your Saturn even heavier. 

Now let's look at Saturn by Air Sign or Air House:


COMMUNICATION DIFFICULTIES make it stifling for this Saturn sign. They really want to connect, but somehow they just can't get it out. Often, they don't feel heard.

Perhaps you had a restrictive education or it has been too narrow for your curious intellect! If you lacked companionship growing up you may not have learned how to spontaneously fire up a conversation with others. Or maybe you had a parent who just wouldn't listen. Keeping your thoughts to yourself can make you feel very isolated and misunderstood.

Understanding your personal needs for connection are an essential ingredient in healing and maturing with this Saturn placement.

The third house is considered a house of the intellect, of movement to and fro, of education and communication. Gemini is a seeker of information. This comes out of its curiosity about life and all the many ways it can manifest.

Saturn wants more diversity of interests. Speech defects or learning difficulties can be a limiting factor in your ability to connect with others or with the object of your perception. 

Some of you may have the tendency to quickly perceive a 'thing' or 'think' you do and then you jump from one thing to another which can give the impression to others that you are not a deep thinker or that you are too judgmental and want to box-in or immediately put your 'pat answer' out there.

Despite this, you have unusual gifts, an ability to concentrate and think deeply. Saturn here may not like superficiality. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Mercury is the mind. Your mind is serious. Some of you overcompensate by talking too much instead of getting down to what it is you really want to say. You have something vital to express, but its coming out with too much blah, blah, blah....You really DO have the ability to express yourself with passion and true conviction when you begin to master this airy Saturn placement!

But if you are silent or withdraw into inner fears, it may make it seem like you just cannot express your feelings and that your thoughts are not important. FAR FROM IT! Saturn in Gemini doesn't know just how smart they really are! With maturity, Saturn's inner strength can be used to develop the mind and your communications will become stronger and more meaningful as you grow. This is guaranteed - as you overcome those Saturn fears you become more and more REFRESHING to be around!

lightening up is also helpful!

is a way to avoid communicating with others....

New and untried elements of life are particularly hard for you. 'Change and a new outlook' are qualities that Gemini favors, but with Saturn in air,  there is more fear with the new and untried. The shadow of Saturn could be the very qualities you don't like in others.


See that lovely couple above, this is what Saturn in the 7th house or Libra really wants. But if you have Saturn in your 7th house or in Libra, (me, again!) you may not even get the opportunity for romance because you are looking for your peeeeerfect match probably want the other person to round you out.

Traditionally, the 7th house can be about marriage and the type of partner represented. It can also be open enemies. You seek in others what you cannot consciously express. You are looking for the characteristics you feel you lack in the other person.  

Saturn in Libra can build bridges between people. This can be a strong point in your life. You can solve problems by joining opposites to find a commonality. 

The peacemaker Saturn in Libra or your 7th house - can also make you seek fairness and justice or by feeling the LACK of it, this Saturn can go into ACTION as a judge, political activist or a mother, as was the case for me! However I was not good at making peace when the boys would roll around kicking and fighting - and when I tried to stop it: "We were only playing, don't take it so seriously MOM!"

Saturn in Libra IS serious about all their relationships and they really feel it when someone else does not approve of their actions.

Yes, this is how it feels to get all those rejection letters!


Shyness and loneliness come through patterns of hurt, rejection and dependency. And where do these patterns come from? In my chart, I grew up in a loving family with a parent who had a bad problem with drinking, my dad. Ah, how I loved him! But he was unpredictable and really never noticed my needs. It was not unusual for him to go to the lumber yard and leave me there. He'd get home and my mother (there she is below!) would ask, "Where is Dixie?". And there I'd be chatting in my social Saturn in the 7th house way with whomever had found me strolling the isles of the store. I am still looking for my 'missing' father.

My mother also had Saturn in Libra though not in her 7th house. It is not unusual to find family PATTERNS in astrology!  

My Mom (she was lovely and oh, how I adored her red lipstick!...well, I'm getting off track.) With her Libra Saturn she was so disappointed in my dad's drinking and carousing though she loved him dearly. She relived through him her own alcoholic father and how she could not count on him. 

What we need most with this airy Saturn is inner discovery! This helps us to find the source of our suffering and creates opportunities for growth. When we become whole within by knowing ourselves, then we can meet the other person as an equal and not be dependent on them for financial status, emotional fulfillment or social pressures. We also leave behind expectations and conditions.

One 'mask' that these people wear can be of being hard, callous or unfeeling. This is not usually Saturn's true nature however and underneath is a great sensitivity. 

Saturn here brings great OPPORTUNITY because there is an inner push to find one's own center!

Saturn in Libra might marry later in life....odder things have happened!


"Community"    Aquarius     Sharon Russell

Saturn in Aquarius or Saturn in your 11th house is more complex because the AQUARIAN nature has two planetary rulers each so different than the other!

URANUS and  SATURN both rule the sign of Aquarius and the 11th house of your chart. This sign demands personal evolution.

Aquarius is a collective and transpersonal sign concerned with humanity as a whole and the needs of the group over the needs of one individual. This can produce an inner struggle, because group consciousness is not MASS consciousness. With mass consciousness we have the loss of our individuality. Not so, with group consciousness, we bring out the best of ourselves for the greater good.

You may struggle between personal will (Uranus) and the consciousness of a higher order (Saturn) or the group or society to which you belong. A transition that is made in this sign as one completes the climb toward individual personality, is the sacrificing of  personal desires to the greater whole of which you are a part of. This greater whole could be your community, your workplace, your political involvements, your sororiety or fraternity, clubs, or organizations that you are affiliated with. 

Your free will and purpose is trying to align with the group. You are trying to participate in a larger expression than the self and this is a noble yet hard to attain cause. You will need a PURPOSE that is sensitive to a universal expression, one where you can fulfill the needs of the group without loosing your self or your individuality. 

Wow! what a tall order we have here! To me, this is one of the most compelling and mysterious Saturns because of the level of attainment one is reaching for.

Friendships or societies of a community nature are expressed in this airy Saturn. Aloofness and isolation are the blocked expressions of this sign. Perhaps you see yourself as a 'lone wolf' type. "I just don't seem to fit into any group." or " I feel like an outsider." Functioning superficially may be hard for you. 

Your feeling of being separate does not truly correspond just  to the inability to conform to the standards of society as a whole. Rather this intuitive sign is far-seeing and true group consciousness has not been experienced on our planet as yet. That is the workings of the next 2,000 years as we move into the larger sign of Aquarius. In other words, you may be ahead of the rest of us in some way.

The so called AGE OF AQUARIUS has not been birthed yet, but it's ideals are beginning to come to the foreground of our conscious minds. Democracy is an Aquarian ideal that the United States of America is founded on.

You want to be part of a larger whole yet you may be unable to express this need. You may draw back from friendships or groups because you fear you will not be accepted or known for who you are.

Saturn can be expressed through a flourishing cultural awareness or, if badly afflicted can express itself in organizations that seek to diminish others as in the case of the Klu Klux Klan.

The overcoming of prejudice or addiction to just 'one way of thinking' is the domain of air sign Saturns. The seeking of a more meaningful sharing and a visionary view of life is the mastery of this Aquarian, 11th house Saturn sign.

You may find it difficult to express how ordinary you really are. You may feel you have no equals and therefore appear superior to others, or may think yourself so. And, at the same time, you want to blend with the group.


Do you overcompensate by being so full of social activities or work of a social nature? Do you rarely have time alone? Maybe you are filling your time and avoiding personal confrontations or obligations. Do you subdue your own individual needs and desires so that you can cater to group standards? All these represent a blocked or imbalanced Saturn in Aquarius or the 11th house. 

Saturn in the 11th house really needs to be the leader because of their ability to understand the bigger picture, the collective need. But instead you may find yourself as a follower seeing your own ideals as worthless next to the greatness that you see for mankind.

As you grow and follow the path deep into your inner self, you discover a different set of social values and you eventually develop a sense of needs of a society and its purpose. You acknowledge your progressive mind. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury and Uranus rules the higher mind that strives for the greater good. It is intuitive and can put many pieces of the puzzle together to create the 'group'. You can have a comprehension of group consciousness but know that as mankind we are 'striving' towards this, we have not yet attained it. 

You could become a visionary but you will need to keep from isolating. Otherwise, your vision becomes narrow and mistrustful of others.  

Bristley defensiveness or mistrust of others does not allow your full potential to emerge. As you develop a more inclusive interest in humanity you unblock parts of yourself and become a valuable participant in the whole.

Your commitments are strong and because you cannot accept a second choice, you can and do involve yourself with the growing consciousness on this planet! WE NEED YOU! 

Life must be REAL for you. In this lifetime you will look deep within to what real ideas and vision you CAN express and this gives you a strong sense of commitment.

We have one more Saturnian element coming soon:

Your FIERY SATURN !!!  Saturn in Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, or the 1st, 5th and 11th houses

VESTA (Hestia) article coming soon also! (about finding your center during this holiday season) 

"Mastery"           by Sharon Russell

"MASTERY IS NOT ABOUT PERFECTION. It is a process, a long journey taken by one who stays on that path, day after day, year after year.  The master is the one who is willing to try, and fail, and try again, for as long as he or she lives."                          George Leonard

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The mastery that Saturn wishes to attain takes TIME. Be gentle with yourself.

Love to all your dear and courageous hearts as you work toward mastering YOUR SATURN!


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